Labyrinth Knockers

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Remember the movie Labyrinth? I’m sure you’re familiar with parts of it at least *coughDavidBowie*cough* and beyond the obvious, there are a few items from that movie I’d love to have in my own home. One wonderful artisan has finally made some it a reality with her hand made door knockers.

Avilable in her etsy shop, Meadowhawk Props, you can find these as a set or individually for all your decorative/door knocker needs. ^_^ Sadly they do not talk like the pair in the film, but they have been wonderfully recreated and are made from cast resin and hand painted. Sturdy enough to serve as a real door knocker and let your fandom fly flag if you so chose. She’s running 2-3 weeks out as each piece is custom made like all the other wonderful props in the etsy store. Now I just have to sell my husband on these and I’ll be good to go! 😀