A Hand Crafted touch to those Store Bought Dolls

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So, this artist, is pretty amazing. He takes those official mass produced dolls of characters and famous people and turns them into something worth having:

Katniss from the Hunger Games

Noel Cruz takes these dolls and, if you can believe it, simply repaints (or rewigs sometimes as well) the base faces of the original dolls to give them a more photo realistic finish that actually looks like the character/actor it’s based on! It’s quite a process as you can imagine.

Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory

The precision control he has over his painting is just inspiring to behold and allows him to auction off his finished dolls for over one thousand dollars. You will not regret a look through his gallery…though you may feel like you need to practice your painting more when you do, lol.



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As a sewer Plush dolls have always intrigued me.  I tried to make a doll once and it turned out horribly wrong.  So when I see someone with such amazing talent as Serenity-Sama I squeal a little inside.  Take a look at some of her amazing creations that she sews herself:



But she doesn’t just make plushie’s.  She also creates amazing cosplay.


Take a look at her Deviant Art page here: http://serenity-sama.deviantart.com/, her website here: http://serenitystudios.wix.com/portfolio, her Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/SerenityStudiosCanada, and of course her etsy store here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SerenityStudios.


Roman Sock

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Before I met Nicole my exposure to knitting and crocheting included scarves, hats, sweaters, and blankets.  She exposed me to a whole new world that exists in yarn.  Now I see all of the potential that yarn can have, especially with animaguri.  Roman Sock creates some really cool animaguri featuring mostly animals.


She doesn’t sell the finished products though, she sells the patterns to these fantastic creations.  But not only does she sell her patterns, but she has free tutorials to a lot of other animaguri.


So if you want to take a look at her site and some of these free patterns yourself, head over to her page at http://littlegreen.typepad.com/romansock/.


Not the Last Avatar

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I think everyone that enjoyed the brilliant Nickelodeon cartoon ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ has agreed to just forget the disaster that was the live action movie, yes/yes? Good. In case you need something to help chase those hallucinations away though, I present to you the adorable Sokka Plush by SkullBurst.

Warrior Sokka Plush by SkullBurst

Yet another person that can use the witch craft other wise known as a “sewing machine” to create adorable pieces. ^_^ This doll just looks so hug-able and I can only imagine the time, love, and energy that went into creating such a beautiful plush. I hope to see more from this lady in the future. A great piece worthy of this great warrior. 😀