Hook Havens

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Happy Sunday, all!

This week we are taking a look at the crochet side of organization with some very lovely hook cases. Like the double pointed knitting needles, crochet hooks often need a barrier so that they do not fall out of the case. The nice thing about crochet hooks is that unlike their pointy cousins, you are less likely to stab yourself while rummaging in a hook case. I personally started out using just a zippered pencil case and some of the hook cases out there still follow that design. Like this first one from Mama Sews Best that also has a very crafty pun:

Unlike most pencil cases, however, we find different slots of many sizes for your various hooks. Many of the cases do follow the same style we saw last week in various sizes and shapes. I especially like this one from Sew Crochet Love because of the many pockets with one zippered for your stitch markers and yarn needles:

Some have even taken it a step further and actually crocheted the hook case (who’d have thunk?) like Needle Me That Crochet did here:

Finally, though, if you find yourself with that one treasured perfect hook, you may want to give it a place of honor like this wooden hook vault from Unraveled Ewe:

Just like needles, a safe hook is a happy hook. Since Gen Con is right around the corner, next week we are going to take a look at traveling with projects. See you then!

Stay crafty!