Away With the Fairies

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As the world gets ready to turn green next week for St. Patrick’s Day, we of the Emerald Isle would like to offer you a year-round option to add a little Irish into your home. While we may not admit to little green men, most Irish will speak in low tones of our other natives- the faeries.

In this day and age, with high speed Internet and television to soak up imagination, faeries find themselves on the precipice of endangerment. Tink made a valiant effort in trying to reach out and spread the word of the plight of faeries, but now there’s more than simply clapping your hands and believing that you can do.

A freshly caught fairy.

Why not adopt a faerie?

Outdoor fairy garden

I met Rachel from Away with the Fairies on a recent trip to Galway. She was braving the rain at the local crafts fair, searching for kind souls to provide homes for fairy families.

Magical fairy doors.

If you’re not certain which fairy you’d like to adopt, that’s ok. There are plenty who are still wild, but homeless. Away with the Faeries gives you the opportunity to provide housing for these poor creatures. Whether you choose one of the fairy homes for your garden or choose to invite them into your home through one of the absolutely adorable magical fairy doors, anyone who takes the chance to adopt a fairy will find their home blessed with the luck of the Irish!

Tiny footprints will let you know when a fairy has moved in.

Any fairy or fairy door can be personalised to your desires. Don’t forget to entice your fairies by sprinkling the fairy dust provided!

While all homes are welcome, fairies are particularly fond of those with children in them, but having a fairy in your home is a big responsibility. That’s why Away with the Fairies have a Fairy Door Charter for all children who adopt fairies to sign. Without such promises, fairies may not choose to stay!

Away with the Fairies can be found on their website and Facebook.

Happy Paddy’s Day!

~ eliste

Stitch N Clay

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The first person to expose me to clay charms for earrings and necklaces is Jackie from Stitch n Clay.  You can thank her for my obsession for little clay trinkets.  I absolutely love everything she makes and seeing her table at Con Bravo did not disappoint me.  I bought quite a few pairs of her earrings and can’t wait to wear them!  Take a look at some of her awesome creations.



She also creates cute cross stitch creations.  If you would like to see more of her work her etsy can be found here and her facebook can be found here.


Turbo Toaster

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Kat is a cartoonist I met at Con Bravo, but I didn’t meet her because of her cartooning.  I met her because of her wood chests with carvings in them.  Take a look at these chests and you will see why I stopped by her table:



The attention to detail blows me away with what she is able to do with painting and woodcarving.  If you like these boxes, take a look at her etsy shop over here.  Or if you would like to see some of her comic work, you can see her site at


Congratulations to BigDaddyWiz

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BigDaddyWiz won our first craft contest we held in the forums with his awesome cross stitching.  He included the following with his submission:

I recently have been playing Earthbound (originally for the SNES) on my WiiU. I always enjoyed the quirkiness of the game and when one becomes homesick you need to call Mom to feel better. This particular quote is received in a text box during a conversation with an NPC at the shopping center you visit. I thought it fit perfectly with the contest. I threw the main character Nes, his Mom, and a phone into the box and stitched it all up!

He won his very own t-shirt that will proclaim the world that he is a winner!  Want one of your own?  Make sure you enter our July/August challenge with something “summer” themed.  Your submission does not have to be a particular craft.  As long as you make it yourself within the time frame it is eligible.

Want some awesome Craft Hackers merchandise for yourself?  You can now purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and tote bags of your very own that sport the Craft Hackers logo.  We are also updating the store with some great crafty items as well like this one:

So check out the store over at


Sunday Wrap Up

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We have had some fantastic projects shared with us on the forums.

Whitetree finished his Megaman Inlay Wall Hanging

BigDaddyWiz Did an amazing cross stitch of the Pumking logo.

Lexxi did this AMAZING Batman quilt that makes the panels look like they are movie strips.

And Eliste did this really well done Baby Quilt.

Remember, if you want to see your projects on the blog, you need to post them in the forums!



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As a sewer Plush dolls have always intrigued me.  I tried to make a doll once and it turned out horribly wrong.  So when I see someone with such amazing talent as Serenity-Sama I squeal a little inside.  Take a look at some of her amazing creations that she sews herself:



But she doesn’t just make plushie’s.  She also creates amazing cosplay.


Take a look at her Deviant Art page here:, her website here:, her Facebook here:, and of course her etsy store here:


DIY Independence Day

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I couldn’t forget the 4th of July in the States!  Here are some great DIY crafts to do for Independence Day.

Tori posted an easy tutorial on how to make a t-shirt with a US flag on it that is also fun to make.

This red, white, and blue banner would make a great decor addition to your home or party.

Her Good Life has 5 awesome 4th of July dessert ideas including a cake that has the American flag baked right in!


DIY Canada Day

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July 1st is Canada day and if you live in Canada you may be looking at crafts to do on Tuesday.  So here are a few crafts you can do yourself or with kids for Canada Day.

Nicole posted an easy tutorial on how to make a t-shirt with a Canada flag on it that is also fun to make.

This Canada Day banner took Rebecca only 30 minutes to make and would be a great decor addition to your home or party.

Finally I found a recipe for a 5 layer Jello on Food Librarian.  They have it posted for Valentine’s day, but it is a red and white striped recipe that would be perfect for Canada Day!  I think I may make this for the barbeque I am going to on Tuesday.



DIY with your kids

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Here in Ontario it is the last day of school.  I know that seems late to those in the States, but here school doesn’t start until after Labor day and they have more holidays during the school year, so kids get out later.  It got me thinking that all of these kids are going to be home starting tomorrow and they need something to occupy their time.  So here are a few cool DIY projects you can do with them (and get rid of some of those “crafty” things around the house).

Perler Bead Placemats

I saw this tutorial and thought it was a fantastic idea.  I have all sorts of perler beads hanging around my house and want to get rid of them.  This is a perfect solution!

Check out the tutorial over at Meaningful Mama.

Homemade Snow Globes

Yes, you too can make your own snow globe!  I have seen the kits and the pieces at Michaels, and even made a few simple ones at Christmas, but this tutorial uses items around your house and makes it look easy to create a completely unique snow globe.

Courtesy of

And lastly, who doesn’t like painting on the sidewalk?  Here is a great recipe for Sidewalk Paint found at


Learn to Quilt Tutorial

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Many people don’t know I offer one on one quilting lessons through Skype to help design quilts, learn new quilting techniques, or help to finish off a quilt.  But most people don’t want to pay for private quilting lessons to just learn the basics of learning to quilt.  So I send them off to the internet to learn the basics first, then I help them refine those basics and learn more intermediate skills.  If you have ever been interested in quilting, then here are some of the videos and sites I recommend that have some great easy and basic patterns with step by step tutorials.

Basic Block quilt video with tutorial

Take classes at Joann Fabrics – This is where I learned the basics of quilting.

And then there is my favorite, favorite place for super easy to follow beginner patterns, quilt in a day.  This site and series of videos and books are fantastic to learn a lot of beginner techniques like which way to iron your seams.

So if you have ever thought of quilting, I hope this helps you get started!