Custom Felt Witch Hats

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I know it’s not the ~typical~ season for it, but too bad cause these things look awesome!

This is just one example of a custom designed felted witch hat made by etsy shop owner HandiCraftKate. You can customize each of the main 3 parts (brim, colors, and end curl direction) to suit your needs. Wanna be a rainbow witch? Done. How about a frosty Ice Witch? Done. Or perhaps you’re less witch and more Pixie or Druid? She even makes custom woodland inspired things like these lovely fox and deer hoods.

All her hats are handblocked from 100% wool, and will keep you warm and looking cool come this fall. Her items are on the higher scale ($200+) for cost, but you’re getting a wonderful and unique piece that will certainly last. I highly recommend giving her shop a look through.

DIY Halloween Costumes

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Everyone’s favorite dress up holiday is coming, are you prepared? I know I’m not. So to help us both out, I gathered a few DIY costumes ideas that I’ll be sharing with you! They range in difficulty, but there a few family ideas mixed in with solo ones in case you like to do a theme with your family.

This adorable Inside Out family is just great. Some of the costumes like Sadness and Joy were fairly simple, but the other two took some creative workings. Thankfully the mastermind of the group gave nice descriptions of how they were all put together, along with turning your red wagon into a “rocket ship” to help pull the little kids along a times.

Another family idea, with one lucky parent getting the easy Pirate costume. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Bombshell Bling has some great tips on how they pulled this one together. (Though they had a willing grandmother to help make some parts with sewing machine skills).

Mary Costa has this great thrift shop put together outfit for a couple of Forest Gump and Jenny. Thrift shops can me your best friend when you need to assemble a costume out of real clothes for less, or when just looking for styles that don’t exist anymore.

A super simple, but classic, couple costume can easily be done by going as Wesley and Buttercup from the Princess Bride. Say Yes used a lot of already owned pieces and cheap accessories took care of the rest.


So, your Kid wants to be a unicorn and you’re panicking. Craftaholics Anonymus is here to help calm your nerves and show you the easy way to assemble this seemingly impossible feat, with minimum sewing skills.

The final one for today comes from Sarah Hearts with possibly the easiest one one here; DIY Sriracha Sauce Bottle Outfit. You can buy the shirt for pretty cheap, and the bottle top is easily made from green poster board. Truly a last minute costume that anyone can pull off. ๐Ÿ™‚

Turn Everyday Fashion into Wings

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Made by Spanish artist Alassie, these wings are custom screen printed on high quality silk and are absolutely gorgeous. All her designs are based off of real butterfly and moth wings that she then alters without sacrificing the image to fit various normal clothes such as cloaks, shawls, and scarves. If wings aren’t your thing she also works with other animal designs such as this beautiful peacock scarf.

All of her pieces would look great as a costume accent piece or even just as a fashion statement with your everyday wear and can be purchased over here at her etsy store. If you want to know more about her business though you’ll need a good translation software to read her site, or just be fluent in Spanish. Sadly I have neither of these skills, but I can certainly continue to admire her work from afar. ๐Ÿ™‚


A Very Happy Halloween!

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From all the bloggersย at Craft Hackers, we wish you a safe and happy Halloween!

It’s finally here! What if you didn’t have time to makeย a costume? Never fear! Here are some great last minute ideas (which can always be expanded to adult sizes):

From Dukes and Duchesses, a simple but effective flower pot made with dollar store items.

Super easy and on the cheap!

Super easy and on the cheap!


Or how about a quick slice of pizza from UCreate Crafts?

I would like mine with extra cheese...

I would like mine with extra cheese…

Or perhaps an homage to the crazy cat lady in all of us from Design Dazzle?

A great use for all those plush kitties!

A great use for all those plush kitties!

If you are a regular reader, you may have noticed that my post comes a little early this week. That’s because tomorrow Toni has a super exciting announcement! Curious? You’ll have to wait!

I’ll be back with your regularly scheduled Sunday post next week.

Have a great holiday and stay crafty!



October Cosplay – Gaming

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Finishing out the cosplay this year is the gaming collection. Video Games were my first passion so I decided to save them for last. ^_^ As always, the name/game the character is from will be below the picture with the image linking back to the original post in case you want more info. Maybe to help along your own last minute prep? Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween and may all your costumes be fantastic! ๐Ÿ˜€


Faith from Mirror’s Edge


Sera from Dragon’s Age









October Cosplay – Nintendo

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Moving on from last week’s lovely anime inspired outfits, today I’m loudly proclaiming my inner child’s biased towards all things Nintendo! ๐Ÿ˜€ If you have any cosplay or costumes You’d like to recommend for next week, just pop on over to the forum and let me know, otherwise, enjoy these wonderfully creative outfits. ๐Ÿ™‚

Link and Zelda fron The Legend of Zelda


Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda


Young Link from The Legend of Zelda


Midna from The Legend of Zelda


Pokemon Trainers from Pokemon


Jesse & James (Team Rocket) from Pokemon


Meowth from Pokemon


Splatoon Kid from Splatoon


Lucina from Fire Emblem


Battle by Neffo

Pit from Kid Icarus


Princess Daisy from Super Mario Bros


Luigi & Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros



October Cosplay Feature

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Yup! It’s that time of year again where we celebrate pretending not to be ourselves for one night of the year! Those of us lucky enough to go to cons aren’t really limited to that thankfully, but I try and keep my posts where I show off some of my favorites down to just this month at least. (Otherwise there’d be a weekly feature cause I love costumes just that much, lol) ๐Ÿ˜‰

As always, if you have some favorites you’d like me to feature just head on over to the forums and let me know, otherwise, just sit back and scroll all down to appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity of all these lovely artists. ^_^ My goal this week was to round up as many costumes as I could that were based off of character’s from the Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli movies.

Ponyo and Granmamere (Ponyo)

Cat Bus (My Neighbor Totoro)

Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)

Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Sophie (Howl’s Moving Castle)

The Castle Inspired Dress (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Sheeta (Castle in the Sky)

San (Princess Mononoke)

Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke)

Haku & Sen (Spirited Away)

Porco (Porco Rosso)

Nausicaa, Asbel, Teto (Nausicaa of the Wind Valley)

Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

Cosplay Hacks

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In true form with our group name, today I would like to present some cosplay hacks for all you crafty costume creators out there. It’s only 2 so don’t get too excited, but -as someone who doesn’t sew well- they seem like fantastic tips for those who are new to costumes.

See this stuff right here? FROG JUICE. What’s it do? Well, it’s designed to help protect outdoor vinyl signs. How does this help your cosplay? This stuff has a nice shiny look to it once it applies so your foam sword? Metallic looking and awesome now. Those Crystals you wanted to look real? Also shiny and beautiful. Really, the possibilities could be endless. Bonus points? It’s weather proof and flexible. Meaning your foam sword won’t get all stiff and will pass cosplay security requirements. Also means it won’t lose that kick ass paint job you put on it either. One can of this stuff is less than $8 and will likely last you a long, long time. Definitely worth the investment if you are serious about your cosplay props.


The second hack comes courtesy of Inus-Dream Cosplay and is extremely helpful if you don’t know how/can’t do embroidery designs on your sewing machine while still providing you with that high polished look. While they use a 3D printer gun to draw the design first (Allowing some height so that the embroidery doesn’t look flat) You could certainly use some good old hot glue or puff paint to achieve the same effect. Simply draw your design onto the fabric with the material of your choice and then hand sew your thread over it. Continue until finished. Not as time saver sure, but certainly a cost saver. You can find her post about it here on her facebook page, as well as the comments and suggestions added to it.

Armor thy self

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As some of you may know, cosplay/costuming can be serious business to those who are passionate about it. One of the hardest areas to create stuff for? Armor. I’ve had friends and co goers a like all confess to how difficult it can be. Apparently, this person didn’t get that memo.

Kjerulf’s Armor

This leather and metal armor piece is the work of Ryan Bolduc of Steam Viking. He creates beautiful hand made custom armor pieces for all for cosplay/fantasy needs. Even just smaller finishing pieces like this super fancy leather eye patch.

There isn’t much to see up in his shop since the majority of his work is custom made, but based on his glowing reviews he’s also made boots, weapon holders, and even custom hair barrettes. Truly a skilled artisan that is worth bookmarking for that next piece of custom leather/metal work for your costume.


Suit Up

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I know I’ve mentioned before how much I’d love to give cosplay a go, but how I need to find a character first. A friend of mine already has his character picked out (Dart from Legend of Dragoon), but is unsure how to make the armor. I may have found someone who can help him out…

Carapace Bracers by swanboy

Swanboy is a leather workers, and his work is just gorgeous. It’s all authentic pieces (no foam core or light substitutes) so you’ll have to wear the weight with it, but the look is worth it I’d say. Most of his pieces seem to be original designs, but he also does some amazing cosplay stuff as well.

NCR Ranger Armor by swanboy

He’s been a member of DA for 9 years now, but you can also find his work on his etsy shop should you be in the need for some quality leather armor. ^_^