Lightweight Wearable Horns

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As someone whose just thinking about putting their toe into cosplay, I’ve always wondered how the pros deal with the weight a good costume can bring. Mostly if it’s on your head cause I don’t know about other people with long hair but if I keep mine pulled back all day? Man oh man am I in for a headache/pain in the evening. So when I stumbled across Grave Glamour, I knew they were someone I should share to help save others from this fate.

Grave Glamour specializes in lightweight, but durable, horns that you can wear all day long with no problems. Each set only weighs a few ounces (ranging from .5-2.5oz currently) and is easily hidden under a wig/hair thanks to the ribbon they’re attached to; as you can see above.

She also makes various crowns and occult based items (wands, spell books, etc) that you can find in her etsy shop. The work is really quite lovely and if you’re in the market for some horns then I highly recommend giving the shop a look over. 🙂

Adding whimsy to cosplay

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Happy Wednesday! I am here in Chicago this week, prepping and waiting for C2E2 to start. If you are attending the show, I can be found in Booth 273, along with Blacky Cat Creations. My friend and I have been checking out some local museums, landmarks and amazing food. I love to cosplay when I vend at shows. Even though I work with polymer clay, sometimes I see accessories I love but someone else makes really well.

Prism Moon Designs on Etsy makes amazing horns, antlers, antennae, and alien pieces.


Beautifully crafted with amazing detail, her work shines brightly in a sea of clay. Her prices are reasonable, and she does take custom orders.


Her work can be found here:

Indiana ComicCon is coming up!

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Good day and happy Wednesday! This is Kim with Fantastical Menagerie. This week I’ve been on supersonic prep for two shows I have coming up. This is my second year at both events, and they are two of my favorite ones!

This weekend you can find me at Indiana ComicCon, which is April 14-16. They are featuring some amazing guests, including Val Kilmer, Cary Elwes, Nichelle Nichols and Jewel Staite. More details of the show can be found here.

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Cosplay Crafting: Breath of the Wild Bow

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Yes, yes, I’m a sucker for any and all things Breath of the Wild right now. My excitement for this game is probably the highest it’s been for any game in at least the last decade. So, I wanna share with you other fans and cosplayers a fantastic tutorial that had been created for making your own Breath of the Wild style bow!

Made and designed by , this is one excellent tutorial on making Link’s bow as well as custom fantasy bows in general. The base bow they got was from Amazon and is not practical for hunting/shooting, but great for cosplay. Obviously metalic paint was used, but you’ll need to get your hands on craft foam (a cosplayer’s best friend) to make the added on guards at the very least. You’ll find the whole detail process here, and I highly recommend it if you were thinking about adding a new costume to your closet this year. 😉

Humble Bundle – Cosplay Special

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Humble Bundle is a site we won’t mention often, but one that certainly deserves recognition. The company makes agreements with mostly game publishers and book publishers to get items it bundles together for a low cost that can then be purchased. Not only are these costs low, you can actually choose how much you want to pay for it. Seriously. Only have a dollar? That will get you some of the professional quality items. Notice I did only say some as obviously the more you spend the more you get. Typically only requiring a minimum of $10-15 to get all the items in that week’s bundle. So besides getting games or books for a very low cost, the humble part of this that part of the money goes to charity. There are actually sliders at the bottom that let you chose how much money goes to the publishers, charity, or back to the site. This also means you can pay well over the minimum and donate most of the money to charity. You can even chose which charity you want to donate to if you so wish.


So what does this site have to do with crafting?  Well normally nothing as the topics of the bundles varies often, and the video games tend to take the spotlight over the comic or book bundles they may be offering. Not so this week. This week they are offering a bundle deal on some excellent cosplay and prop making reference books.


Paying even just $1 gets you ebook versions of Make: Getting Started with Adafruit FLORA; Make: Wearable Electronics: Design, Prototype, and Wear Your Own Interactive Garments; Make: Design for 3D Printing; Kitchen Floor Vacuum Former; and the Adam Savage Moldmaking Primer. That’s a crazy amount of knowledge for only $1. There are 2 other minimum tiers ($8 and $15) and you get not just that level but all the books at the previous tiers as well. So for a minimum of $15 you could be the proud owner of 14 books all about cosplay design that will help you make the best costume possible, while also making a donation to charity. It’s a crazy good deal; one I’ve already taken advantage of since books on prop making will certainly help with the various crafts I do.

The offer ends in 8 days from the date of this post (around noon EST on Oct. 26th, 2016), so you have some time to think it over. If you’ve ever wanted to make better props or costumes though, now is the time to get great professional resources.

Light Up Your Life

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Happy Sunday, all!

There was a third vendor at Philly Comic Con that I really must gush about. Dan at Altruistic makes some of the most wonderful wooden geekery! They make clocks, pendants, amazing cosplay accessories, and other nerdy goodies.

AltruisticGallifreyClock  AltruisticVaultBoyPendant  AltruisticMasterSword

Their most unique creations, though, are the tea light boxes. Small, carved wooden boxes in your favorite fandoms with your choice of different colored battery operated tea lights!

AltruisticGreenTealight  AltruisticJSTealight  AltruisticMKTealight

These would make absolutely fantastic night lights for the kids (or yourself) or great accent pieces for your game room. The best part is that the “faces” are interchangeable, so you can buy some to make everyone in the house happy and just switch them around when you like. Let it be noted that if you don’t see your heart’s desire on their site, they also do custom work!

If you like what you see and want to add some clever geek pieces to your home, Altruistic can be found on Facebook and their website.

Stay crafty!


Glass for the Discerning Geek

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Happy Sunday, all! This weekend Toni and I are having a blast at Wizard World Philadelphia. I love meeting new people and hanging out with our con family. I originally got to meet the lovely Alexa Heart in St. Louis and was very pleased to find out that she would be with us again here in Philly!

AlexaCheetarah  AlexaCloseup

In addition to her stellar cosplay, she is also a purveyor of fine etched glassware. Besides a very wide array of pint glasses with pretty much any fandom you can think of, she etches or sand blasts images onto wine stems, bottles, and even tea cups. Aren’t these just awesome?!

EverydayGTardis  EverydayGHeartsBottle  EverydayGStarTrek

If you would like to peruse her other fine items, you can contact Alexa through the Everyday Geek page or check out her cosplay on Heart and Soul cosplay.

Stay crafty!


October Cosplay – Gaming

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Finishing out the cosplay this year is the gaming collection. Video Games were my first passion so I decided to save them for last. ^_^ As always, the name/game the character is from will be below the picture with the image linking back to the original post in case you want more info. Maybe to help along your own last minute prep? Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween and may all your costumes be fantastic! 😀


Faith from Mirror’s Edge


Sera from Dragon’s Age









October Cosplay – Marvel

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Our second to last grouping is all from the Marvel cavalcade of characters. Why just Marvel and not all comics? Well, that’s all due to Marvel themselves. I recently found out that this is their 5th year celebrating cosplay of their characters with Costoberfest!

All month they dedicate portions of their site to highlighting and honoring the dedicated fans by featuring their costumes as well as any news articles they may have been a part of. I’ve chosen just a few of my favorites to present here today but I highly recommend going to give the gallery a look through. If you’ve ever cosplayed as a Marvel characters, maybe submit your own pictures to see if you get featured! It’s a simple as sending your photos here:  😀

Ironman Mark I from the Ironman Movie


Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy


Captain America


Hawkeye & Black Widow from The Avengers


Scarlet Witch from Age of Ultron



October Cosplay – Nintendo

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Moving on from last week’s lovely anime inspired outfits, today I’m loudly proclaiming my inner child’s biased towards all things Nintendo! 😀 If you have any cosplay or costumes You’d like to recommend for next week, just pop on over to the forum and let me know, otherwise, enjoy these wonderfully creative outfits. 🙂

Link and Zelda fron The Legend of Zelda


Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda


Young Link from The Legend of Zelda


Midna from The Legend of Zelda


Pokemon Trainers from Pokemon


Jesse & James (Team Rocket) from Pokemon


Meowth from Pokemon


Splatoon Kid from Splatoon


Lucina from Fire Emblem


Battle by Neffo

Pit from Kid Icarus


Princess Daisy from Super Mario Bros


Luigi & Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros