Talking Gloves

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I know winter is behind us, but I only just found these recently and I don’t wanna wait until it’s cold again to share them. 😛

Based in Istanbul, Talkingloves makes adorable knit clothing with a fun twist. When you put the gloves together, or sometimes position them just so, they contain a special adorable shape. The kitty ones above are my favorite, cause I love cats, but it’s the concept in general that I caught my attention. Perhaps it’s the romantic in me, but I’d be super cute to get 2 pairs of the heart one so that when you and your significant other hold hands it forms a little heart on the inside that only you know about. ^_^

A bit more on focus for those of us going into wedding season, they also make bridal gloves and accessories that are sheer and light instead. Including very delicate looking ring pillows that suit a variety of modern/traditional styles. If you like cute knit and sheer items definitely give their store a look thru as you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

Custom Felt Witch Hats

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I know it’s not the ~typical~ season for it, but too bad cause these things look awesome!

This is just one example of a custom designed felted witch hat made by etsy shop owner HandiCraftKate. You can customize each of the main 3 parts (brim, colors, and end curl direction) to suit your needs. Wanna be a rainbow witch? Done. How about a frosty Ice Witch? Done. Or perhaps you’re less witch and more Pixie or Druid? She even makes custom woodland inspired things like these lovely fox and deer hoods.

All her hats are handblocked from 100% wool, and will keep you warm and looking cool come this fall. Her items are on the higher scale ($200+) for cost, but you’re getting a wonderful and unique piece that will certainly last. I highly recommend giving her shop a look through.

Dragon Hair Barrettes

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Back before puberty and genetics completely changed my hair, I used to very thick and wavy hair. Like, can barely put a hair tie around it think. Some days I miss it, but other days I don’t miss the brushing and maintenance involved. One thing I wish I’d had then? Awesome hair pieces like these:

Created in Bulgaria by artisan Ivaylo Zlatev, these are beautifully made hand carved wooden hair barrettes. They’re beautifully created and simple enough to accent just about any outfit so great for daily wear. If Dragons aren’t your thing though, they do make lots of of designs like an Octopus or even just simple geometric shapes. All of them are beautifully done, and if you’re like me and have thin hair, you can instead pursue the lovely collection of hand made woden decorations and toys that are also available in their shop. 🙂

DIY ‘Leave Me Alone’ Sweater

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It’s winter and I’m an introvert, so I already get the isolation I need most of the time, but sometimes….sometimes people just don’t get the message. Instead of running off though, I can now do like I did as a child and hide in my sweater thanks to this awesome instructable!

So what will you need to make this awesome custom refuge? Not much actually; though understanding of sewing clothes/patterns does help.

– Sweater that fits you (to use for sizing)

– 2 yards of fabric: Ideally a thick warm knit

– Zipper: She used a 22 inch zipper and cut it down to 14 inches. Use a longer zipper if you want your sweater to be able to go more off the shoulder. YYK is an excellent brand from something sturdy and long lasting. (~$3)

– Thread ($2)

Tools required:

– Sewing machine

– Zipper foot

– Hand sewing needle

– Jean needle for Sewing Machine (for use when sewing the zipper on. The thick weave will break normal needles)

The full instructions can be found here on instructable, but the quick and dirty has you taking the fabric and cutting it to size, using a current sweater you own as the template for sizing. From there you can alter the bottom length, but the top will be extended to give and extra long cowl that the zipper will get attached to. The idea of not having to talk to anyone will certainly be a big motivator for me to finish it. ^_^

Illuminated Couture

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So in my search to find a good shade providing umbrella, I’ve stumbled upon this wonderful Etsy store called Illuminated Couture. They specialize in light up clothing and accessories, including this awesome tie-dyed umbrella.

Vegas artist, Ronnie Brust, has been pushing is costuming limits for over a decade and LEDs have become his latest passion with them. His glowing products allow you to stand out however you chose; be it with a subtle pocket square or an elaborate headpiece. All of his work is well made an guaranteed to show the world just how much you glow. 🙂

Kids Animal Coats

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In the spirit of staying warm and enjoying Halloween, I found a clothing maker who can help your child dress up all winter long. 😀

This adorable coat (and many more like it) were designed by British best friends (Naomi and Nat) to create a clothing line they’ve called Oliver and Vince. It’s all clothing specifically for children that’s made in bright and bold colors and patterns that children are drawn to. Their coats are so popular that you can only pre-order right now for coats to arrive in Spring of 2017. If you know how to sew however, there may be hope!

They’ve just released a new pattern book that you can order right here, and make your own super cute coats and clothes for your own kids! It ships world wide and you can even chose the option to have your copy signed for no extra cost. 🙂 I was already thinking of experimenting with clothing making, and now I think I’ve found some motivation!

Turn Everyday Fashion into Wings

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Made by Spanish artist Alassie, these wings are custom screen printed on high quality silk and are absolutely gorgeous. All her designs are based off of real butterfly and moth wings that she then alters without sacrificing the image to fit various normal clothes such as cloaks, shawls, and scarves. If wings aren’t your thing she also works with other animal designs such as this beautiful peacock scarf.

All of her pieces would look great as a costume accent piece or even just as a fashion statement with your everyday wear and can be purchased over here at her etsy store. If you want to know more about her business though you’ll need a good translation software to read her site, or just be fluent in Spanish. Sadly I have neither of these skills, but I can certainly continue to admire her work from afar. 🙂


Add a bit of Fantasy to your Reading Time

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In my late teens, we moved to a house with no heating in our basement. Not a huge deal until you take into account that that was where the media room ended up being. As a result, all the the kids at the time (myself and 4 siblings) fought over the only blanket we had down there in the winter. It’s also the reason I taught myself how to crochet. So I wouldn’t have to share a blanket I made. True story. If only I knew about this pattern I would have had less worry as I doubt my brothers would’ve bugged me so much afterwards.

CrochetbyJennifer may have designed these to be used as reading blankets, but I think kids would enjoy them as just general anytime blankets….not to mention using them as dress up items. 😉 While she makes a pattern set just for such an occasion, her specialty is really just creating patterns for adorable children’s clothing (and occasionally adults too).

All of her pattern are for sale as she only creates them, not sell the finished product. As such, she has this to say about selling work created with her patterns:

You are welcome to sell your finished items however you like, but do not copy and/or redistribute this pattern, or alter it in any way to claim it as your own. Please provide a link to my website if you are selling your finished items online. If you change the name of the item when you sell it online, please provide the pattern name in the link so other customers can find the correct pattern.

Great news if you want to expand your crochet clothing line but aren’t the best at making pattern. 😀 If you are a crocheter I highly recommend giving her store a look through. The holidays are coming after all…


Congratulations to BigDaddyWiz

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BigDaddyWiz won our first craft contest we held in the forums with his awesome cross stitching.  He included the following with his submission:

I recently have been playing Earthbound (originally for the SNES) on my WiiU. I always enjoyed the quirkiness of the game and when one becomes homesick you need to call Mom to feel better. This particular quote is received in a text box during a conversation with an NPC at the shopping center you visit. I thought it fit perfectly with the contest. I threw the main character Nes, his Mom, and a phone into the box and stitched it all up!

He won his very own t-shirt that will proclaim the world that he is a winner!  Want one of your own?  Make sure you enter our July/August challenge with something “summer” themed.  Your submission does not have to be a particular craft.  As long as you make it yourself within the time frame it is eligible.

Want some awesome Craft Hackers merchandise for yourself?  You can now purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and tote bags of your very own that sport the Craft Hackers logo.  We are also updating the store with some great crafty items as well like this one:

So check out the store over at



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As a sewer Plush dolls have always intrigued me.  I tried to make a doll once and it turned out horribly wrong.  So when I see someone with such amazing talent as Serenity-Sama I squeal a little inside.  Take a look at some of her amazing creations that she sews herself:



But she doesn’t just make plushie’s.  She also creates amazing cosplay.


Take a look at her Deviant Art page here:, her website here:, her Facebook here:, and of course her etsy store here: