Woodentek’s Woodworking

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While standard analog clocks seem to be slowly disappearing in favor of their digital counterparts, I for one still love having analog clocks in my house. There’s just a visual appeal to them that digital designs don’t do for it yet, and Woodentek has certainly got their visual appeal down.

Made from expertly cut and design wooden layers, Woodentek has some of the most beautiful wooden clock designs I’ve ever seen. Located in Spain, this company has a commitment to designing not just fandom clocks for the easy money, but a wide range of designs spanning historic recreations to astronomy signs. Their wood is from well managed forests, meaning they don’t just buy cheap lumber to make a buck. Their wood comes from land that grows and replants trees to crate a sustainable resource and is certified by the FSC and PEFC.

If you’re in the market for a reasonably priced change in your decor, or just want an art piece that can also tell the time, you should definitely give Woodentek your consideration.

Light Up Your Life

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Happy Sunday, all!

There was a third vendor at Philly Comic Con that I really must gush about. Dan at Altruistic makes some of the most wonderful wooden geekery! They make clocks, pendants, amazing cosplay accessories, and other nerdy goodies.

AltruisticGallifreyClock  AltruisticVaultBoyPendant  AltruisticMasterSword

Their most unique creations, though, are the tea light boxes. Small, carved wooden boxes in your favorite fandoms with your choice of different colored battery operated tea lights!

AltruisticGreenTealight  AltruisticJSTealight  AltruisticMKTealight

These would make absolutely fantastic night lights for the kids (or yourself) or great accent pieces for your game room. The best part is that the “faces” are interchangeable, so you can buy some to make everyone in the house happy and just switch them around when you like. Let it be noted that if you don’t see your heart’s desire on their site, they also do custom work!

If you like what you see and want to add some clever geek pieces to your home, Altruistic can be found on Facebook and their website.

Stay crafty!


A New Spin on an Old Record

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Ever since I can remember, my father has collected music. He has shelves upon shelves full of cassette tapes, 8 track tapes, CDs, DVDs, and of course, vinyl records. He’s the reason I often find myself drifting toward those stacks of lovely plastic treasure at the resale shops. It seems like I just can’t help myself! Sadly, though, there will always be some LPs that just don’t make the cut. Some are just so scratched, so warped, so beat up that that don’t play anymore. It’s probably time to let them finally have their well deserved rest, right? OR how about breathing new life into them with this amazing trend I’ve had come across my craft dashboard lately: vinyl record wall art!

The Chicago skyline on Chicago's greatest hits!

The Chicago skyline on Chicago’s greatest hits!

Some genius out there decided to upcycle some of their old vinyl and we get to reap the benefits! Whether you want to commemorate your favorite city (as pictured above) or immortalize your favorite album, there are plenty of options out there.

Now your poor copy of Thick as a Brick can live on...as a clock!

Now your poor copy of Thick as a Brick can live on…as a clock!

They aren’t limited to just bands, either. Think soundtracks or other fandoms and the possibilities are endless!

VinylArtStarWars  VinylArtLotRClock

I was very impressed with some of the fine quality art that a simple Etsy search turned up! If vintage is your type of thing, I highly recommend indulging in this super cool trend.

See you next Sunday and stay crafty!




Tick Tick Ticking Away

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With only a few days left for taxes here in the US of A, I know a lot of people have time on their mind. So, if you’re going to be staring at clocks, why not make them pretty ones! 😀

Monkey Clock by darktenshi17

A great stitched interpretation of the classic Paul Frank’s monkey by darktenshi17.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Clock

This lovely painted clock by Anastasia Kosenko has some great little details (like the minute markers on the edge) and I just love the idea of using the Doctor to tell the time. It will be half past David Tennant when this goes up. 😉

And if you really just want something pretty to look at with no numerical hints for the time, the people at The Gretest have you cover with their custom die cut style designs. If you really need a project to take your mind off the day, come back tomorrow for a DIY on making your own unique clock! ^_^