Needle Transports

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Happy Sunday, all!

Last week I promised some needle cases and this week, here they are! When I think of sewing needle cases, I remember my Grandmother’s simple turned wood one or (dating myself here) my Mom using old camera film containers. I had no idea that needle cases could also be decorative and beautiful. The first set are very reminiscent of my Grandmother’s turned wood but in much fancier wood types. This purple heart wood case from Rainchabod Designs is just lovely:

So pretty and purple!

But then I went farther down the rabbit hole and found some turned acrylic cases, which can be super shiny. These needle case and seam ripper combos from Sewn Into the Fabric make me happy just looking at them:

Some of them are really sparkly!

Some artisans have decided to take the simple wooden ones and cover them in various mediums, like clay. In this instance, Happy Bear Creations NC has added some great texture and design to something so simple:

Pretty and subtle.

Finally, I give all credit to this last artist because they not only bumped up the wow factor on a little needle case, I would assume they also use it as they are a bead artist themselves. This gorgeous peyote stitched beaded case from Elewmompittseh is so amazing:

Just look at that itty bitty design!

Needle cases also put me in mind of more needle transporting mechanisms so I think next week we will also look at some neat needle books. See you then!

Stay crafty!


Uniquely Cute

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Hello Sunday readers!

Last week we were at MAGfest and you know what that means! New vendors that we’ve fallen in love with gushy posts are imminent! This first one has so much to offer, I almost don’t know where to start. ALMOST. In our wanderings through the crafty rows, the lifemate and I stumbled across a booth that had chubby little ornaments hanging from a dowel and I HAD to pop in for a better look. They were animal ornaments! Hooray! To my very great pleasure, upon closer perusal, I found that there were some very odd animals on display:

WailesTapir WailesPangolin WailesCoelacanth

Do not adjust your screens, folks, those are indeed a baby tapir, a pangolin, and a COELACANTH. A COELACANTH, PEOPLE!!!!! Ok, I know I’ve obsessed over cute animals before but I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that my actual degree is in Geological Sciences so this sort of thing just runs right up my alley, squeezes my tush, and tugs my heart strings before dashing off again. Much to my dismay, we had such a busy time that I did not have a chance to go back to purchase some amazing creations from artist Kelsey Wailes, also known as eattoast. I assure you that this shall be remedied in short order. I was so distracted by the “cnute aminals” that it took husband directing my attention to her other wares for me to find her re-purposed ponies. I’ve seen other versions of ponies over the years but not always with the same level of detail:

I mean, just look a My Little Immortan Joe! With his wittle face mask and wittle killer eyes!

I mean, just look a My Little Immortan Joe, with his wittle face mask and wittle killer eyes!

Once I tore myself away from the cutie cute animals and the ponies, I noticed the things I truly regret not purchasing as gifts for certain Trek fans in my life:

Redshirt Deadshirts. Yes, a little pile of very unfortunate redshirts that still makes me giggle uncontrollably.

Redshirt Deadshirts. Yes, a little pile of very unfortunate redshirts that still makes me giggle uncontrollably.

Besides her very obvious talent with clay, Kelsey is a very gifted pen and paper artist as well. If you, too, would like to own some of her creations or just squee over her works (like I just did for the last hour), she can be found on DeviantArt, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and most importantly, Etsy. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go put in an order for a Peacock Spider ornament that will really tie my room together.

Stay crafty!




Dreamlike Animal Sculptures

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These came across my dash during Christmas and I was just in awe of their beauty. The creator is a Russian artist called Evgeny Hontor, and his work is just lovely. As his personal description says, his pieces are inspired my dreamworlds and fantasy; something you can clearly see in the flowing lines and curves of his designs. The majority of his sculptures are hand made from velvet clay and painted, with only his jewelry being made from metal, making each one unique. I can only imagine how many hours each piece must take on such a small scale with all that detail he crams in there.

He has quite the large selection of pieces online right now, and even if the holidays have left you broke it’s still worth looking at. You can find him over here on etsy.


Burning your Scents

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Loosely keeping with yesterday’s post of burning things, I thought I’d take a different route today and showcase a different way to make your house smell lovely when you burn stuff. Via incense! Though really it’s just the excellent creative holders that I love.

This one by Steam-HeART imminently caught my eye since I love Steampunk aesthetics (though the spider legs creep me out a bit…) and it is sadly a one off piece the artist designed for themselves. Mostly due to the time/materials making the cost too high for retail. We can all still admire it though. 🙂

The style for this one is more traditional (long and flat for sticks), but man oh man ShirleysStudio gave it quite the epic fantasy makeover. The base if from the original burner but when it broke creativity struck. Their primary work is in these fantasy style creatures but this was a beautiful combination of piece and function.

While I know Halloween is over, that doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy this witch oven. LongHomeFox designed it to burn incense cones instead of sticks so that it would look like a fire in an oven. Really cool idea and to wood carving it top notch here. Though the last one I found kinda wins for smoke use with it’s design…

I mean, come on. It’s a baby dragon that looks like it’s starting up some fire as it’s hatching. How cool is that?! 1stQueenOfHalloween did a phenomenal job sculpting this porcelain piece. Check out her deviantart post about it as she goes into detail bout how it was made and how it functions if you want more info. It’s really great stuff. 🙂

Jewelry Box Collection

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As I’ve mention my love for jewelry designs before, I’ve decided it’s just a jewelry kind of week for me and to share a collect of artisans’ works that I’ve been admiring over the last few months. 🙂

Starry NIght TARDIS by Monster Brand Jewelry

This lovely piece of metal work is by a Chicago based studio called Monster Brand. Jewelry making is a small portion of what they so, with photography and design taking up the bulk of their art. The quality of their finished metal work is just lovely though and I high recommend checking out their shop if you enjoy fantasy based jewelry.

FF7 Inspired Set by thingamajik

Besides having a wonderfully quirky name, thingamajik specializes in minimalist designs for their fan inspired art. While their beautiful FF7 set is what brought them to my attention, they jewelry inspired by characters and items from shows like Star Trek and Doctor Who, and even this very minimalistic Portal zipper bracelet that I absolutely adore.

Seal of Rassilon Necklace by Pia-CZ

While Pia-CZ works mostly with resin to create their jewelry pieces, this technique stood out to me instead. It’s a silk screened on clay pendent. Perhaps not as sturdy as resin, but I love the end result it gives and I hope to see them do more with this type of medium. Sadly they do not seem to be running a shop at this time, so you’d having to bug them through their DA account.

Cheshire Cat Necklace by Little Breezes Crafts

The last artist I’m going to feature also works with clay, and what I like about these designs is the added backing. It harkens back to Victorian era pendents while adding durability to the clay designs. All of Little Breezes Craft works are largely fan based, covering mostly anime and cartoon characters. Each one is beautifully handcrafted though and her shop is certainly worth a look through. 🙂


Fantastic Creature Art

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Sculpting is one of those mediums that has always eluded me. Carving out of rock is just an impossibility, but I feel I perform about average if it’s one that is built up on. Nothing I’ev done could ever touch this guy work though.

Red XIII by Bastard Prince

Bastard Prince is a japanese artist that specializes in creature art. Using a wide array of supplies to create beautiful fur covered pieces like Nanaki and Moobas, but also has such a talent with even clay mediums.

(And this was made before he’d even seen the movie! :O )

All of his sculptures are all one off unique creations and start at $110. If you’re looking for some professional one of a kind art for your home/office I highly recommend at least a trip through his gallery. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂


Semi Sweet Shoppe

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I have said before I absolutely love clay art and miniatures.  I am always on the look for talent with clay to add to my collection.  I found Semi Sweet Shoppe today and was amazed at the talent she has for miniatures.  Specializing in sweets, these miniatures are so lifelike they are just good enough to eat!  But trust me, you wouldn’t want to.



Her prices are lower than any I have seen for miniatures.  Starting at just $5 the most expensive item in her Etsy shop is just $12 USD.  In addition to earrings, pendants, and rings she also offers hair bows and cute decorative boxes.  Check out her Deviant Art here: and her Etsy shop here:


AG Styles

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I am a sucker for clay/sculpted items.  I seem to be obsessed with hand made sculpted earrings that I can wear and try to always purchase some from every convention I attend.  AG Styles takes sculpture to a whole new level though.  Her polymer clay Yoshi stylus was the piece that caught my eye and sent me to her Deviant Art page at

But then I started looking through her Deviant Art and visited her Etsy shop at and was just blown away from her talent!  Take a look at some of these pieces.



The totoro is amazing!!  I may have to buy something to wear to my next convention.  Check out her sites to see more!


I’m baaaack… so now I shall post!

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Hey there! You may not remember me but about a month ago I made an intro post on the blog. The reason you all haven’t seen me post much is due to the fact that from the time I made that intro post to Sunday May 18th, I was finishing the planning for my wedding. Well the wedding happened on the 18th on a most gorgeous day on the beach and I am now a happily married woman. So on that note I decided to mark my return with a wedding related post.

I was perusing Etsy and found this lovely little shop called 100original. The artist Hara Kang hails from New Zealand and makes the most adorable wedding cake toppers. Some of them may not be strictly geeky but she does have a handful featuring favorite characters from movies and video games. My wedding was fish themed and my Matron of Honor made my cake topper but had I planned a geeky wedding I certainly would have considered having her make a custom wedding topper for me.

Check out her Totoro topper:

Custom Wedding Cake Topper - Cute Totoro Couple

This Yoshi one is super adorable!

Custom Wedding Cake Topper - Running Yoshi Couple

I have never been able to mold anything out of clay that doesn’t look like a lump. So these cake toppers just fascinate me to see the adorableness that one can make out of clay. Check this artist out on her etsy site:

Thanks for stopping by,