Huge Knit TARDIS blanket

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I saw a post by my sister once on Facebook that talked about handmade blankets once. The exact phrase escapes me now, but it boiled down to reminding people not to look down their noses at such a gift as it likely took the maker weeks to make as well as over $50 in yarn. This lady went way beyond that with her size though with her gorgeous blanket.

This lovely piece was knitted of the course of a year (for keeps and not for a gift though) by tumblr user buffyann23. She chose to use the color background yarn to give the impression that the TARDIS was in front of a nebula and I think it looks just wonderful. ^_^ I’ve no idea what stitch it is in since I don’t knit, and they didn’t say, but their design turned out beautifully and it certainly looks like a great blanket to snuggle up under come winter.