Finger Armor

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Happy Sunday, all!

Continuing our trend of decorative and useful tools, this week we are focusing on a small but essential bit of sewing paraphernalia: the humble thimble. I don’t often have sewing projects that call for extra finger protection but when I do, it’s because the fabric is super thick or stubborn. I have a traditional old-fashioned metal thimble that was my grandmother’s but I think my idea of thimbles has been thoroughly expanded by those available online! First and foremost, I adore the simple and tasteful design on this leather thimble by Holly Hawk Designs:

Very elvish looking with the pretty little tree!

I also appreciate the ability to customize designs on wooden thimbles available for purchase from Becky’s Craft Shack:

I mean, asking for a sloth thimble would be just perfect!

If you want something soothing and elegant, this Nephrite Jade thimble from Jade Mine Canada is just gorgeous:

Jade is also said to enhance creativity.

By far one of the coolest and most unique thimbles I found, though, was this blown glass one by Eighth Planet Glass:

Though this one makes me want to bust out my blacklight like it’s the 90s again.

I may give one of these a whirl someday when my Grandma’s gets a well deserved retirement. Next week, I think I will give my crochet tools some love, starting with some amazing yarn bowls!

Stay crafty!


Oceanic Blown Glass Beauty

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Hawaiian artist Marsha Blaker and Paul DeSomma, capture the ocean with their glass work wizardry.

There are just no other words to describe how that level of detail and beauty have been captured into glass. Until you get up close on these images I’m not sure you can even tell the difference. They use a variety of powered colored glasses that they layer to get the gorgeous colors and then combine them with specially prepared ‘chip’ of broken glass to get all those air bubbles inside while blowing. Yeah, did I forget to mention these are made from blown glass? Crazy.

You can check out more of their work here as well as purchase some if you are so inclined. If ocean waves are not your thing don’t let that stop you from looking. They make many, many more uniquely designed glass sculptures for your eyes to enjoy. Including vases and jewelry. 🙂


Sparkling Icicles

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We’ve been having some surprisingly warm weather lately where I live and so one of my favorite parts of the season have not even had a change to form. There is just something magical about sunlight hitting beautiful icicles hanging off the eaves of a house or from the branches of trees. I’ve been a little disappointed that my sparkling fairy forest hasn’t manifested yet so I went searching for an alternative. Enter Third Wind Studio with shiny hand blown glass icicles to save the day! The simple lines and lovely artistry help to create that image I crave.

Clear, classic, and so pretty.

Clear, classic, and so pretty.

For a bit more of a holiday spin, they also offer different colors swirled into the glass.

RedIcicles GreenIcicles

If you aren’t quite as enthusiastic about these seasonal decorations as I am, then how about a little bit of beautiful geekery? If you would like something to bring “light to dark places”, Third Wind also makes replicas of Galadriel’s phial of starlight for that Tolkien enthusiast in your life.


May contain the light of the elves' most beloved star.

May contain the light of the elves’ most beloved star.

Third Wind definitely seems to have the sparkling part pegged down. You can check out their other work on Etsy and Facebook.

Here’s to hoping I will still get my real icicles sometime this winter.

Stay crafty!