DIY Vinyl Art for Bags & Purses

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I’m not a big purse person, never have been, and I don’t care to have decorated ones as a result. The idea of customizing one though? Sign me up!

This idea comes from the folks at StudioDIY, and is all about making a custom donut image for your round purse, but if they’re not your thing, I don’t see why you can’t apply these methods there to any purse/bag you like! You’ll want to visit the DIY page to make sure you understand the process to tweak it to your needs, but here’s the quick run down of supplies required for this project.

It involves lots of spray adhesive to get everything together, so you’ll want to make sure you’re in a well ventilated space or outdoors so fumes don’t become over powering. I’m not sure if this would work on fabric, but I think it would since it’s mostly the adhesive keeping things in place. So if you’ll excuse me, I have a blank to tote to customize.

Book Bags

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How about this for a fun turn of phrase? 😀 Moscow-based indie boutique Krukrustudio is known for their wide collection of bags, which resemble cute trinkets or unique memorabilia. Including *dramatic pause* messenger bags that look like books!

Krukrustudio’s pieces have transformed classic literature novels and pop culture icons into an elaborate purse design. The bags are constructed from 100% woolen Spanish felt that is both light weight and durable. The side is lined with cotton and includes one pocket, but they do allow customization so if you want more pockets don’t be afraid to send them an ask. ^_^ To see more of her lovely transformation designs just hop on over to her etsy shop here.


Leafling Bags for your next Nature Walk

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Okay, I have got something seriously great for ya’ll today. Not only is it super cute, it’s also a practical piece with function. I present to you; Leafling Bags. ^_^

Gabriella and Adam are a pair of Hungarian artisans that hand make each and every bag in their shop from high quality water proof fabric. Yeah, that’s right, not only can you look like you belong in an anime/fantasy adventure with one of their bags, they are meant to be used outdoors as well!

Their bags come in all sorts of customs designs like the backpack above to the cross body mini log bag, or even the adorable fanny pack. And really, when was the last time you ever thought you’d see those two words together? That’s just how great their work is. Heck, you can even order large overnight/gym bags! (Also known as a large purse according to the fashion world?)

I’m gonna break your heart a little here by informing you that unless you live in Europe, you’re gonna have a bit of a wait as it not only takes a few weeks to make your order, but they’re also based out of Hungary. So order now if you want it before Christmas, lol. Seriously though, if you love nature inspired items go give their shop a look. It’s all high quality hand made goods that not only beautiful to look at but well priced. ^_^