Art Therapy and Dealing with SAD

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Hey all!

Long time, no type. For real, though, I’m sure some of the usual suspects are wondering where I disappeared to for a couple of Sundays there. The truth is a combination of things but it all boils down to one big, annoying, unfortunately inevitable occurrence for me: seasonal affective disorder. Seasonal affective disorder or SAD as it is generally called, is essentially seasonal depression. It’s something that I struggle with at about this time every year and it sucks. There are definitely some activities that can help alleviate some of the symptoms, not the least of which is art therapy. The best kinds of projects for this purpose are those that are bright and full of Spring colors as well as being something that you (for once) make for yourself. I’ve rounded up some great Spring-y things to make to hopefully get us passed these dismal and cold days.

To start, let’s turn something usually associated with the snow and cold into pretty flowers with this tutorial from A Fanciful Twist:

So bright and beautiful! Just make sure you aren’t using the cinnamon scented ones.

Just a bit of paint and a sealer and we have pinecones transformed into zinnias! Place a bowl of them somewhere in the house to give it a pop of color and hopefully bring in a hint of Spring. We can also combat some of the doldrums of late Winter with the scents of the upcoming thaw. This DIY Lavender sachet tutorial from Live Simply is just the thing:

Also great for using up some scrap fabric!

If you have a favorite scent, almost any potpourri can be used as a stuffing. Put them in your dresser or in the pockets of any favorite pieces of clothing in your closet for a reminder that the dark doesn’t last forever. Ok, so now we have something pretty to look at, something great to smell, but what about something to make us feel better? I don’t know about you but winter also dries out my skin like crazy. Scribe Sarah’s been providing a bunch of fantastic DIY body care recipes so you can certainly prowl the archives for relaxing (and fragrant) bath salts or face masks. I, however, am talking about a great DIY body butter recipe (also by Live Simply, funnily enough):

If you have a collection of essential oils, this is the place to let them shine, so to speak.

Body butter is rich and lasts much longer than what we would consider traditional lotion. I love to customize scents and have some kind of control over the ingredients I’m smearing on my sensitive skin. Lastly, how about something to just lift your spirits? Something whimsical and fun like this simply adorable fleece unicorn pillow tutorial from Bugaboo City:

I guarantee this will be appearing on our own couch in due time.

If only to remind yourself that you, too, are one of a kind and fabulous, you need this in your dwelling. Hopefully one of these little projects will start to lift you out of the funk. If not, there are actually some very practical tips for fighting the effects of SAD, the best of which is purchasing a lamp made just for this purpose. has a wonderful list of comparisons for effectiveness and cost. If you still find yourself feeling down in the dumps around this time, I highly recommend a trip to your doctor/therapist. This is a┬áreal issue that affects many people during this time period and it could even require some Vitamin D supplements so don’t wait to find some help! For more info on SAD symptoms and treatments, please check out this article by the National Institute of Mental Health.

Now, to wrap up, I did promise a tutorial some time back and now that I’ve taken some steps to combat my SAD, it will appear in the near future. Until then, expect some bunny laced posts since Easter is fast approaching.

Stay crafty!