DIY Beer Case Recycle

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While I love my phone for note taking, sometimes I just really want to have a tiny notepad to actually write on. I don’t want to pay crazy amount of money for something small that is basically a glorified reminder calendar though so I want to share this brilliant idea I found the other day. Reusing 6-pack containers as notebooks. 😀

The most common use of recycling these containers is as a condiment caddy (summer is readily upon us so definitely keep one around for that), I really liked the idea of using leftover trash that you were likely going to recycle anyway, into something useful.

The step by step guide can be found over at the art of manliness with a very well illustrated walk through to go with it. An easy craft for experts and beginners a like that’s cheap and gets you a custom little tool for only an hour of your time. 🙂