Tiny Animal Figurines

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We all know at this point that I have a weakness for the cute and adorable. So today’s post will come as no surprise.

Made entirely by hand, Baiba Gabranova has quite the skill at not only molding adorable cute animals, but painting intricate detail as well. While they may look like glass, that’s simply the shiny coat she applies afterwards.

Based in Latvia, she make each of her figurines from sculpy clay by hand (with a few resin cast exceptions) and then lovingly paints beautiful details and sometimes textures onto each one. The colors and detail she brings to each piece is nothing short of wonderful. If you’re on the look out for some cute figurines I highly recommend her work.

Incredibly Life Like Animal Sculptures

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If the title hadn’t given it away, I’m willing to bet the majority of people would think this is a real animal. But it’s not.

That is a hand made sculpture by Japanese artist Goro Furuta, and it’s of an extinct dinosaur called Diplocaulus. Crazy right? This guy specalizes in making incredibly realistic looking piece of real (and fictional/extinct) animals.

I can only imagine how long it takes him to create these pieces as they are just so incredibly detailed! If you want to see more, go check out his facebook page and gasp and admire all his fantastic creations. He also posts little fun pieces and design sketches but unless you can read Japanese I’m afraid you won’t get more then that out of it. Worth it though. 🙂


An Array of Cuteness

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As Toni has posted, we are at MAGfest this weekend and it has been a blast! From concerts to exciting cosplays to random games in the hallways, this is one of those conventions that must be experienced to be believed. But as we spend most of our time at the booth, the surrounding vendors get the majority of our attention. Through my travels on the floor, I came across She-Jackal Arts and was drawn in by the artist’s display but more importantly, by their product. She creates wondrous little critters in clay and other mediums that are just adorable in miniature.

Meeting new people is seriously the best part!

Meeting new people is seriously the best part!

She has teensy little animal earrings and necklaces in a wide array of styles.

The cutest little otters! I totally bought a pair.

The cutest little ferrets! I totally bought a pair.

She even creates different dog breeds and if you don’t see your favorite, she will gladly take a custom commission order through her Etsy shop. I think the cuteness that most caught my eye was her display of animals as slugs. Yes, the little squiggly kind of slugs but with the head of a Corgi or an otter or perhaps a shark slug.

These little guys totally captured my heart.

These little guys totally captured my heart.

If you want to own a piece or three of these amazing little creatures, She-Jackal Arts can be found on Etsy, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Now back to the booth with me!