Hook Up Some Halloween

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Halloween is getting so close, Sunday readers!

But it’s not too late to work up some super cute decorations. As I’m pretty sure I’ve expressed many times over, I’m a big fan of cute amigurumi and I’ve definitely found some Halloween themed ones that fit the bill. For instance, first there are these adorable little traditional pumpkins:

So plump and traditional.

So plump and seasonal! They could double as Thanksgiving décor.

Or if you are a fan of the most notorious Halloween candy, these candy corns with a twist would make an excellent addition:

The eyes have it!

The eyes have it!

I personally like to indulge in a little bit of harmless deviltry around this holiday and these little cuties can help with that:

It's really wickedly cute, isn't it?

It’s really wickedly cute, isn’t it?

Or, of course, appealing to the geeky fandom side of things is always a good way to go. This crochet Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas is a sure bet:

You can definitely opt to not fill it with bugs...

You can definitely opt to not fill it with bugs…

So there we go! Have fun adding to your ami collection while prepping some spooky décor.

Next week, I’ll take you through a nice tutorial for making a creepy and elegant Halloween wreath.

Stay crafty!



A Study in Cute

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Surprise, surprise! I’m back at a convention this weekend. This time, though, I am but a humble attendee. Anime Central (or ACEN as it’s generally referred to) took place in Rosemont, IL this weekend and as it is really the first convention I’d ever been dragged to (8 years ago) it holds a special place in my heart. As you know if you follow my Sunday posts, I love cute little plushies and let me tell you, ACEN is just full of cute fuzzy plushie goodness! I’ve been following Geeky Cute Crochet for a while now but this year I got to bring home an adorable little friend from the artist’s army of squeezable dragons.

Look at his itty bitty horns and boop-able snoot!

Look at his itty bitty horns and boop-able snoot!

Juliette, the creator of these and many other charming (and quite small) crochet darlings has a little something for everyone, including some fandom critters.

Wouldn't you just love to plant these little guys in the garden of your heart?

Wouldn’t you just love to plant these little guys in the garden of your heart?

I am very impressed by her skill and versatility…plus they all are just REALLY stinking cute!

I mean, who WOULDN'T want to snap this right up?

I mean, who WOULDN’T want to snap this right up?

She has also begun to offer other crafty goodies like cross stitch hoops with a-dorkable sayings on them but truly, her business is obviously not just a clever name. To get your cute fix, Geeky Cute Crochet can be found on Etsy, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Hope you have a great week and we’ll see you next Sunday.

Stay crafty!


Potted Cactus without the Sting

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True story time. When I was about 10, I was visiting my grandma for the summer and next to the bed I slept in was a little potted cactus. Well, the inevitable happened since I move in my sleep and I woke up with little thistles all over me and in my bed. I have had a biased against them ever since, which is sad as they are my kind of plant maintenance (minimal water/care required). Thankfully, I may have found the next best things.

These little guys are the work of amigurumi artist thehobbypanda and they are absolutely adorable! Cacti typically have simple shapes so they translate beautifully into amigurumi, but those lovely and cute flowers are probably my favorite part. 🙂

She doesn’t have a very active etsy store, but if you are interested in picking one up for yourself (of a loved one for the holidays) then keep an eye out. A few were up when I wrote this post, but who knows how many could be left. :3


Crochet Holiday Bowling

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I love a good Halloween party, but the tricky part? Planning games. Adults just typically need alcohol and whatever you can scrounge up but kids can be a hard sell. Not everyone wants a wet face trying to get an apple and they can only pin the random item onto a picture so many times in one year before the novelty wears thin. Well, you’re in luck as I found something you crocheters can make yourself that is cute, entertaining, and can even be used as decorations when you’re not using them!

It’s a small Halloween bowling set! Each of the pins measures about 2.5″ tall and the eye bowling ball is around 4″ in diameter. I came across these during a crawl through the ravelry holiday selection and was utterly charmed by their simple design. The artist (mnsnow) also designed an entire second set in case some of these weren’t to your liking.

I’m sure the default is just to use poly-fil stuffing, but I say make it a challenge and put some weight at the bottom with poly-pellets! It will even help them stand easier when using them as decor during this fun and spooky holiday. ^_^ There is a special listing at their etsy store with patterns for both sets right here, or just click on the individual pictures to see the respective pattern listing instead.


She May Create Small…

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…but her designs have a large impact! On this lovely Sunday, I bring you the work of Anya Zoe. She works with yarn on a very small scale and in fact, when I first came across her booth at a convention, I almost passed it up. There was one thing that caught my eye in a very big way, the most amazing mini Turnip Head character amigurumi!

Love Miyazaki films, too?Check these out!

Love Miyazaki films, too? Check these out!

The first photo does not do justice to this very tiny scale, so allow me to illustrate the point with the following Darth Vader that will easily fit in the palm of your hand.

Tiny though he is, the force is strong with this mini.

Tiny though he is, the force is strong with this mini.

The detail that she achieves on such a small scale is just mind blowing to me. All of the itty bitty stitches complete with accessories truly elevates these to another level. Her selection is quite extensive and she is always adding to it.


If you are also handy with a crochet hook, Anya Zoe has opportunities for you to create some of these yourself through PatreonPatreon is essentially an ongoing crowdfunding site wherein supporters give money to an artist (or other organization) at different levels for perks. In this case, the possibilities include her amigurumi, patterns, and tutorials.

Want more adorable mini crochet creations? Anya Zoe can be found on Etsy, Deviant Art, Facebook, and, of course, Patreon.


Plushed Pocket Monsters

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As a crocheter and plush maker myself, I can be very picky about the styles I like when it comes to how other people design theirs. So today I wanted to highlight an artist that makes plush based off the adorable creatures from the world of pokemon!

Water Tower by aphid777

One of the things I love the most about their design is how they make the eyes. Instead of just crochet the shape or making it out of felt, they use the needle felting process to give the eyes a beautiful seamless look. Her designs are also just that side of being easily recognized while still made to look ‘chibi’ and cute.

Baby Eeveelutions by aphid777

She of course has made lots of other designs that are equally as fabulous (you may have seen her Skull Kid around the internet a while back), she is kind enough to offer several of her pokemon pattern designs up on deviantart for free. Certainly a project worth trying if you’re looking give amigurumi making a go. ^_^


A Cuddly Nightmare

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With the perfect season for one of my favorite movies upon us now, I wanted to showcase this really fantastic crochet pattern that I found recently. The pattern is posted and made by raverly user Nichole’s Nerdy Knots and is a lovingly well done recreation of the character Oggie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas. 😀

He’s a perfect cuddle height at about 10″ (25.5cm) tall once he’s stuffed and finished. He even has a little pocket in his mouth for hiding bugs inside. ^_^ I love the mirror round stitching technique that she uses to have the end product look like it’s been stitched in the round as well! The pattern is available for free at the above link and while it’s certainly great on it’s own, one smart thinking crafter has already taken it a step beyond and added folds in her finished version. The results are just perfect, imho.

So if you’ve got time this holiday, maybe stitch one up and add him to your own creepy/cute holiday decor. 😉