Perler Wall Art

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While I typically see perler beads used for small things like magnets & keychains, occasionally I will find the ones that make massive yard/meter long pieces. While I’ve always assumed these piece aren’t meant to be displayed on the wall, I’ll admit that I’ve never been quite sure what the best way to go about that would be. Thankfully, one artist I’ve come across recently has solved this dilemma with her lovely custom framed pieces that she makes instead.

Jack Skellington Headshot by Amber Lynn

Amber Lynn uses perler, hama and nabbi beads to get the best possible color gradients with her work; something you can easily see with all the grey in the Jack Skellington Piece above. What I love more then that though is her ability to properly frame and display her finished pieces instead of always leaving them as is. Her thought to the background design is just as important as the beads themselves in someways, with my favorite piece being the Metroid one she designed.

I’m not sure if she runs the convention circuit, but if she does I would love to see her work in person one day. Until then the majority of her custom and finished pieces can be found in her deviantart gallery. Definitely worth a look through if you enjoy video game art. 🙂