Custom Fantasy Wedding Gowns

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It’s wedding season again, and this year I’ve got a really kick-ass designer to share with anyway of you getting married! Well…married next year though cause these beauties take time to make.

This stunning gown is just one of many design by Firefly Path Bridal. They’ve been making custom fantasy based wedding gowns and accessories for over 10 years and it shows. Every dress is custom made to fit the bride from the ground up and can be made to match just about any fantasy theme. Fairytale wedding? Boom! Beauty and the Beast dress.

Anime themed wedding? No problem! Check out this Tsubasa Chronicles inspired dress.

And then of course the one that drew me to this fabulous collection; Legend of Zelda based gown:

This is just barely scratching the surface of the collection of gowns Firefly Bridal has created. I wish I’d known about them 4-5 years ago cause hot damn, I would’ve been all over this for my own gown! If you’re interested in getting a design idea/quote you can reach them here. No location is too far either as they have no physical shop so all orders are done online and through the post. If you do live where their workshop is in LA, you can rent some of their gowns for photo shoots or events. 😀 If you’re just looking for some kick-ass accessories to go with your dress then you may find what you need over on their etsy page instead.

Fantasy Tights for your inner Nymph

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Tights have been making a resurgence lately in fashion, but not in the way they originally were. Now they come as brightly decorated and embellished as your heart desires! One New York based artist Lirika Matoshi is bringing her vision of fashion tights to the masses with stunning fishnet tights, that are beautifully embellished with faux flowers, stones, and beads.

While the boring self that I am can only think about how they would get caught on all the yarn in my room just putting them on, they are absolutely stunning in their design. You can find all sorts of themes to fit your needs/style in her Etsy shop. 🙂

DIY Vinyl Art for Bags & Purses

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I’m not a big purse person, never have been, and I don’t care to have decorated ones as a result. The idea of customizing one though? Sign me up!

This idea comes from the folks at StudioDIY, and is all about making a custom donut image for your round purse, but if they’re not your thing, I don’t see why you can’t apply these methods there to any purse/bag you like! You’ll want to visit the DIY page to make sure you understand the process to tweak it to your needs, but here’s the quick run down of supplies required for this project.

It involves lots of spray adhesive to get everything together, so you’ll want to make sure you’re in a well ventilated space or outdoors so fumes don’t become over powering. I’m not sure if this would work on fabric, but I think it would since it’s mostly the adhesive keeping things in place. So if you’ll excuse me, I have a blank to tote to customize.

Dragon Hair Barrettes

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Back before puberty and genetics completely changed my hair, I used to very thick and wavy hair. Like, can barely put a hair tie around it think. Some days I miss it, but other days I don’t miss the brushing and maintenance involved. One thing I wish I’d had then? Awesome hair pieces like these:

Created in Bulgaria by artisan Ivaylo Zlatev, these are beautifully made hand carved wooden hair barrettes. They’re beautifully created and simple enough to accent just about any outfit so great for daily wear. If Dragons aren’t your thing though, they do make lots of of designs like an Octopus or even just simple geometric shapes. All of them are beautifully done, and if you’re like me and have thin hair, you can instead pursue the lovely collection of hand made woden decorations and toys that are also available in their shop. 🙂

Serviceable Stylish Steampunk

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Happy Sunday, all!

I’ve made my second trip to the local Renaissance Faire this weekend and purchased something I’m so very excited to use! I will say that while I don’t have a full outfit as of yet, the Steampunk aesthetic has always fascinated me and so I found myself purchasing a teacup holster because one never knows when you are going to need a cup of tea.

This is not exactly mine but very similar!

This is not exactly mine but very similar in idea and performance.

This got me to thinking, what other functional Steampunk accessories are available? Anyone can slap some gears on a hat/necklace/bracer/belt and call it Steampunk but what about those things that actually…work? I’m kind of a sucker for stuff that not only looks good but serves a purpose as well. Here are a few more items I found that may someday find their way into my cosplay attire.

A parasol holster because let’s face it, I’m pretty fair skinned even with SPF50 slathered all over:

Could also hold a traditional umbrella for those unexpected showers!

Could also hold a traditional umbrella for those unexpected showers!

A bracer that holds tailoring essentials because outfit malfunctions can occur at any time in any place:

Or, you know, if you are suddenly inspired to do a little darning while you wait...

Or, you know, if you are suddenly inspired to do a little darning while you wait…

Or even this lovely bandolier with optional pouches and straps for vials, mirrors, or stakes (if you happen to find yourself dealing with pesky vampires):

There is the possibility of an alchemist's panel as well with more room for vials!

There is the possibility of an alchemist’s panel as well with more room for vials!

My summer wandering days are coming to a close so I think upcoming Sunday posts may include more holiday prep, gift ideas, and settling in for colder weather. See you next week and stay crafty!


Leather Barrettes

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Over the years, my hair has been many different lengths but I generally default to a longer style simply because it is the easiest to pull back out of my face. Because of this, I like to find embellished hair ties, bows, and barrettes. During the convention season this year I regret one major thing: not purchasing a leather barrette from Armoured Wolf Productions. These little beauties are so detailed and eye catching that I couldn’t help stopping at the booth just to take a closer look.

A lovely knot to keep your hair free of knots.

A lovely knot to keep your hair free of knots.

I’ve purchased similar hair accessories in the past but Armoured Wolf had some truly unique designs.

Hair in your face? Nevermore.

Hair in your face? Nevermore.

For the lengthy haired steampunk enthusiast in your life, tentacles and gears are always a good idea.

OctopusBarrette  GearBarrette

Besides unique hair tamers, Armoured Wolf Productions also creates beautiful leather pouches, bracers, and other excellent cosplay pieces. They can be found on Etsy or Facebook and I would suggest making a beeline to their shop to take advantage of their current holiday special coupon!

Stay crafty!



Absolute Devotion

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One of the things on my to-do list for 2015 involves leather-working, so I’ve been doing a little research. While my plans involve nothing as stunning or complicated as what this artist does, I can’t help but share her incredible work.

Absolute Devotion is a small business in Perth, Australia by Rebecca Hedges. Her catch phrase is “wearable artistry” and man, does her work live up to that.

This corset is what first drew me to their page, but the more I looked, the more I felt in awe. Not only does Rebecca have a beautiful sense of what she can create with leather, but her design skills are amazing. The intricacy, complexity, and detail involved in her works truly make what comes out a work of art.

Even if you’re not interested in buying one, Absolute Devotion is great to follow as Rebecca will post regular updates and progress shots on Absolute Devotion’s Facebook page, allowing you to watch the creation of such stunning pieces as this dragon corset below. I’ve learned so much, just by watching already.

For those of us who can’t afford the corsets, Absolute Devotion also does accessories, particularly chokers:

With the time and effort that goes in to making something like this, it isn’t a surprise that her one of a kind pieces would fetch a pretty price, but you will undoubtedly be gaining a piece that will make the rest of your wardrobe feel pale and drab.

For those of us not ready for the plunge into leather, Rebecca offers non-leather items too, which still have the flair and design beauty seen in her leather work.

Absolute Devotion can be found on Etsy, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

~ eliste

Stitch N Clay

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The first person to expose me to clay charms for earrings and necklaces is Jackie from Stitch n Clay.  You can thank her for my obsession for little clay trinkets.  I absolutely love everything she makes and seeing her table at Con Bravo did not disappoint me.  I bought quite a few pairs of her earrings and can’t wait to wear them!  Take a look at some of her awesome creations.



She also creates cute cross stitch creations.  If you would like to see more of her work her etsy can be found here and her facebook can be found here.


WonderfulSun Weaving

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Weaving is a craft I have admired from afar from a while and have always been curious about.  I have know people that have thought about weaving their own fabrics and have seen people on tv (project runway) that would make their own fabrics to sew with.  I ran across WonderfulSun today and was amazed at the fabrics and the finished projects they are able to make.  Their loom is just cool.  It is something I would love to see first hand.

The projects are just amazing.  They have numerous belts:




and Trims!

If you would like to see more you can visit their deviantart site at or their etsy shop at



20 Geeky Engagement Rings you can actually buy

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I love lists like this.  I love it when someone takes the time to research some awesome craft someone has made and then makes the public aware that this craft exists.  In this case it is custom jewelry that takes the form of a geeky engagement ring.  There are some more traditional modestly priced ones with a geeky twist like the Star Trek insignia ring made of white gold with diamonds for about $1550.

There is the less expensive ring that is just fantastic like the golden snitch ring.

There is the more traditional expensive rings with the geeky twist like the Superman cut ring that is priced at $3-4,000.

But what really made my day was when I scrolled to the bottom of the article and saw the last ring they had listed.  It is a gold ring with the triforce emblem on it.

I thought it looked really familiar and a lot like my tri-force pendant that I got from Rice Hat Samurai. Then I saw a post on his page that he made the list!  It is his ring!  Craft Hacker member Rice Hat Samurai made the list and has one of the top 20 geeky engagement rings!  I am very happy and very ecstatic that a member of our family was recognized in this way.  If you want to pass on your congratulations to him, head over to the forums and let him know.