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I know I’ve mentioned before how much I’d love to give cosplay a go, but how I need to find a character first. A friend of mine already has his character picked out (Dart from Legend of Dragoon), but is unsure how to make the armor. I may have found someone who can help him out…

Carapace Bracers by swanboy

Swanboy is a leather workers, and his work is just gorgeous. It’s all authentic pieces (no foam core or light substitutes) so you’ll have to wear the weight with it, but the look is worth it I’d say. Most of his pieces seem to be original designs, but he also does some amazing cosplay stuff as well.

NCR Ranger Armor by swanboy

He’s been a member of DA for 9 years now, but you can also find his work on his etsy shop should you be in the need for some quality leather armor. ^_^


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