Spring Cleaning

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It’s that time of the year. Houses get cleaned, cupboards get emptied, but I thought I’d put something extra on my list for this spring- cleaning my sewing machine.

Obviously, we all know that its important to keep your machine dust-free and clean any big build up. However,  if you’re like me, this often falls by the way-side in the excitement of projects. I’ll admit, I’m not very good at keeping up with this side of things. I regularly clean the front loading part of the machine where my bobbin goes, but I never really get into the rest of it. I’m not even particularly good at keeping the rest of the house clean, so I’m not sure why I feel surprised that I’m not better at this.

But its now March. The groundhog decided we are getting an early spring this year, and the cleaning needs to happen. With that in mind, I opened my baby up this weekend, and had a go at it.



I saw this and almost wished I hadn’t (those fluffs are all just from the feed dogs oops). But doing this is worth it, I tell myself. And it is. Honestly. My machine is now running smoother than it has in quite some time. I’m hoping to take my machine in for a proper check up in the next few weeks (another overdue overhaul) but at least now it all looks well.

When you’re working on your spring cleaning list, add your machine to it. And if you’ve never done it before, and you’re not entirely sure what to do, The Ultimate Guide to Sewing Machine Care has loads of tips, tricks, and links to tutorials on how to do this safely for your machine.

Not up to it yourself? Get yourself an appointment with the local sewing machine doctor. Most will service your machine for low fee and you may find that funny little knock/knot/timing issue will get sorted in the mean time.

Happy sewing!

~ eliste

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