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Hey there folks!

You might be wondering what that title is all about. It sounds sexy, doesn’t it? Well it is, but maybe not in the way you might be thinking.  As you may remember, I am the corsetmaker behind Absynthetika.  In my travels, I have met many clothingmakers and of course, within that group, I’ve met my share of corsetmakers, especially at the various cons that I attend. I always try to walk around at these cons and get to know the other vendors. I have my regular group of buddies that I look forward to seeing every year, and in one of my con wanderings years ago I ran into Heather.  We got to talking, about business and about sort of being competitors – since she also makes corsets – and we realized that we have a fair bit in common.  We kind of became friends, and we root for each other to do well at our cons. We present different things to our clients and so we felt our competition wasn’t so much with each other but with some other people out there.

corsetHeather is the owner of Apollonie. She does make corsets. Very well in fact. Though my focus for this post isn’t going to be  her corsetry – for a reason other than our not so competitive competition –  as where I think she really shows her amazing skill is in her cosplay and historical garment making.  I want to showcase this amazing seamstress.  I’d like to give you a little history on Heather as I think this really helps to show that she knows her stuff.  She attended George Brown College which is a fine institution of learning.  At this hallowed place she took courses in fashion design and techniques and millinery (which is hatmaking, for those who may not know).  Where I am one who certainly believes that you can learn from experience, this background has lent an ease and professionalism to her craft that you don’t always see in independent clothing makers.


Another thing worth mentioning, and this is something I found personally endearing, was that she is a stickler for quality workmanship. Like myself, Heather doesn’t have patience or sympathy for those who like to cut corners and do things cheaply which means that anything she makes you is going to be a quality product.  Which is important. I know we are so used to living in a disposable culture, but let’s take back quality. When we buy things that will last, it means that we’ll come back for more. I know that if I find a great pair of shoes that last forever and are beautiful, I will go back to that store to find more. It may not be big bucks brought in super fast, but it does ensure client longevity and a solid business relationship. This is something that you often get with handmade items and doubly so when you have someone who pays attention to the details in their work.


One of the first pieces of work that I saw of hers was a cosplay costume that she did for a character I hope all of you recognize:


She did some fabulous leather and metal work of amazing quality to create a cosplay of stunning proportions.  I can’t express how I love this piece.  I love that it looks cinema quality, and you can see so many of the tiny details that were added on.


Next comes the historical garment making.  This is a difficult one as you really need to have someone who can do some fantastic pattern drafting. Making a historical garment wearable for the modern woman is not as easy as it sounds, and trust me when I say, anyone who asks me about this kind of costuming gets a referral to her. Take  a look at these gorgeous pieces.


Ladies        Lady
Take it from someone who makes clothing and who also makes corsets, this type of historical costuming is not easy.  It is not easy and it also takes a heck of a lot of time, energy, and attention to detail. From the fabrics that she chooses to the designs, these are such great examples of what I want to highlight about Heather.  I should note as well that she also does bridal sewing so if you’re looking to do a cosplay or themed wedding and want to have someone with experience and skill make you what you want…. Heather’s your lady.




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