Sculpting beyond the Sculpy

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I’ve featured several jewelry makers of the last year, but I can honestly say this may be the first artist I’ve seen that I was surprised to find out what the material was. SiriusWonders is an Australian artist with quite the talent for making jewelry and knickknacks out of sculpy.

Coraline Seeing Stone by SiriusWonders

This was the piece that caught my attention as I just loved all the vibrant and distinct colors they were able to achieve. While I didn’t think it was made out of jade (like the movie/book claimed), it appears to polished to have been made out of sculpy alone, but that is definitely the case. They are somehow able to blend the modeling clay with paint/dye to create this beautiful look.

Ursula’s Pendent (Little Mermaid)

SiriusWonders has a very diverse catalog to look thru (as well as a gallery on deviantart) and if you are searching for that custom character jewelry piece for a costume or just for everyday wear; go check them out. Their attention to detail on recreation pieces and finishes are definitely of high quality. 🙂


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