Red Moon Glassworks

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Glasswork is one of those crafts I have always wanted to try.  I see all of the glass etching materials every day at Michaels and I think of all I can do with it.  Then I come back to reality and realize I just don’t have time for another craft.  So every time I see glasswork I will admire and dream of doing it.  Red Moon Glassworks specializes in custom-etched glassware that is sand blasted and dishwasher safe.  They etch tumblers, highball glasses, steins, shot glasses, and wine glasses.  I have seen first hand the quality of their glassware and it is fantastic. For example, take a look at this artistry:


They also take custom orders.  They have done wedding gifts, convention gifts, and are able to do almost anything you can imagine on a glass.  Their work is imaginative and fantastic.  Check out their etsy store at or take a look at their convention schedule (listed on their etsy shop) to see their work in person.



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