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While I was at the Chicago Quilt show I saw something that immediately caught my eye, a portable design wall.


I immediately picked one up.  I have wanted a design wall for years to lay my quilt tops out, but I have a small space in my basement.  I also do a LOT of traveling so the portability of it really appealed to me.  To test it out I decided to lay out my Moose quilt border on it.


I started out by putting it together.  It is basically a bunch of tent poles that slide into a flannel sheet.  It was simple to figure out how to set it up.  Some of the plastic pieces were a little hard to push together, but I am sure it is because it is new.  After a few years I am sure those pieces will be easier.

Just like with tent poles, it was important that I slide them in slowly so I didn’t damage any of the fabric or bend the pole.  The only thing I would have liked better is to have the instructions in color.  It was a little hard to read with them as black and white.

After assembling it and making sure that my fabric would stick to it, the next step was to play with the border.


I wanted to do something different with the 9 patch border and the design wall allowed me to play around with how the pieces looked around the moose.  It was super simple and made it a lot easier to decide what to do.

I then picked up the design wall to move it to my sewing machine, and the pieces fell off.

I forgot that they were just sitting there and not attached at all.  After putting all the pieces back on (only a few minutes because I had already figured out the layout) I pinned the pieces onto the wall to make it easy to move and sew.

After I finished, I broke it down again which was pretty easy.  Some of the pieces were hard to separate, but like I said before, I think it is because they are new.  I am pretty happy with my purchase.  It gives me exactly what I wanted out of a design wall with the ability to break it down and take it with me while I travel.  If you want to see the design walls for yourself and find where you can buy them, check out the Cheryl Ann’s Design Wall website.



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