Mother’s Day DIY Gifts

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There is less than a week until this card pushing holiday and instead of swamping the store and giving money to Hallmark -getting that adorable generic gift that was only $5.95 cause you bought 3 cards- I purpose you take a page from your childhood and make your mom something she will actually use and enjoy. ^_^

Got a mother who enjoys hot tea/coffee? Why not make her a custom monogram mug? All you need is a sharpie, an oven, a mug and some sticker letters.

My family? We love photos, and collages are some of fastest ways to great a beautiful showcase of your family. Why not put a modge podge twist on it though and make one of these custom monogram collages.

Instead of a flower bouquet, why not take a page out of Edible Arrangements book and make a custom food/drink bouquet? All you need is a bucket and your mother’s favorite candy/food/drinks!

Some may require moderation of course…

Jars are such a versatile medium. You can put pies, cookies, cakes….just about anything you can think of can be mixed in one of these glass containers. Why not go a step beyond though and make several mini gift baskets out of them for your mom?

Or perhaps you have a mother that likes to cook? Surprise her this Mother’s Day with some homemade extracts that she can use in her future recipes (which you will of course happily suffer through taste testing 😉 ).

Mother still not converted her reading passion over to the digital age? Make her one of these stay put elastic bookmarks! They look cute and you don’t have to worry about her losing it. 😉

All of these ideas are simple and easy to throw together in the next few days so hopefully these inspired you if nothing else. 🙂


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