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I have a quick little DIY post for you today on how to make some amazingly cool candleholders on the cheap and with the creative. What I like about these is that they’re easy to make and REALLY great for sitting on a balcony or in a garden.  Not only do they look magical, but depending on what you make them with, they’re almost enclosed which is very nice for any open flame. Safety first, as always.

Your materials are easy to find. You will need an assortment of glass jars that have been cleaned with all paper and glue residue removed. These can be from anything. Jam, sauce or if you really want to class it up, you can get some mason jars.  Be aware that if you’re using your own jars you would be wise to invest in Goo Gone to get rid of the glue residue really easily. You will need some yarn. The less fuzzy the better as you’ll get cleaner lines and an overall better effect. You will also need some spray paint in whatever colour you would like your candleholders to be.  Something brightly coloured might be nice for a balcony or porch while a white would look gorgeous in a garden or planter. It’s up to you! Also, you should keep some newspaper aside so that you don’t spray paint your floor. If you’re like me, then you will, no matter how careful you are.


The first thing you need to do is wind the string around the jars and tie them tightly. Try to have them overlap and be spread out evenly over the jar so that you’ll get a nice design when you paint over them.


Next you’ll want to turn the jars over and spray them with at least three coats of paint so that you have a solid colour. Though it would be worth experimenting with different numbers of coats to find out how transparent you like it.  I would recommend keeping the colours relatively light so that the light has an easier time of shining through the paint and lighting it up.

When everything is dry, all you have to do is untie and unwrap the yarn and voila! You have some beautiful candles.


There’s a couple things that I could think to do differently and one would be to tie the yarn vertically instead of horizontally to get a different effect.  You could also combine the different widths of yarn that you use, and even do a couple layers.  For example you could do the first layer in white like above, but before cutting off the twine, you could tie more around it and spray with a different colour so that you have two colours shinning through.




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