Meet the Hackers: TeslaCon

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When I looked at TeslaCon I was blown away with the awesomeness of this convention.  I couldn’t describe it so I will let the convention describe themselves:

TeslaCon is, at its core, an immersion event. What this means is that, besides the wonderful panels, talented entertainers and fantastic dealers’ rooms, attendees fully experience the story and time period throughout the convention over the three days they are attending.

Unlike other events that have actors just in costume and chatting small talk, TeslaCon uses “layers of immersion” and creates a sense of believability to take the immersion to a whole new level.

First, we start with our cast and crew. From the villains, known as S.W.A.R.M., to the good guys that include Captain Krieger and Dr. Todd, all the actors and even the security team play a vital role in how the convention feels. Each person has been given a part to portray and, over the three days, they bring the newest story to life with their characterization. The story arch is carried through with small presentations and interaction with the attendees along with specialized, character-driven, interactive events.

Secondly, we have a new part that is known as “hall immersion” where people from the period, place or activity move among the convention members and enhance the main story that the cast is carrying out. Specific characters are created to project a story arch or create a special moment that helps the main story move along. For instance, year six will be the “Wild, Wild West.” You may find yourself talking to a blacksmith that cares for steam driven houses. He might even demonstrate his techniques. The idea is to make the entire weekend believable in your eyes.

Finally, we strive to offer new ways to present panels, in a way that the story is part of them. From character driven presenters to music and song, the panels become just as much a part of the immersion as any other character. This way, even while learning a new task, or discussing a theme, you still are part of the world we have created. 

Not everyone is into immersion, and we understand that. To be truthful, you can just have a fairly regular experience if you wish and not partake in the immersion events. Either way, TeslaCon gives you a Steampunk experience like no other!

I may have to look into attending this convention next year because it sounds amazing.  Oh, and Dryad Tea is going to be there!


So if you like Steampunk, Role Playing, adventure, and Tea, then TeslaCon is where you want to be this weekend!

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