Making the Link Stained Glass Quilt

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Reposted from my Quiltoni blog:

I announced last Thursday the special quilt I made for this years Magfest raffle, the Link Stained Glass Quilt.

It was the brainchild of Nicole (the Monday/Tuesday blogger) who designed and drew the pattern.  I used the applique Stained Glass technique and took pictures after every step.  Here is the creation of the quilt from start to finish.

This will be the only time I make this quilt, so it will be a super limited edition!  To buy a raffle ticket and a chance to win this quilt, make sure you swing by the Craft Hacker booth at Magfest!

Oh, and I made a Patreon!

Like our patterns and want them before anyone else?  You can pledge to get them!  You can also receive a package of my scraps once a month as well!  Don’t want either of those but want to support me?  I also have a $1 and $5 a month tier to show your support.  This Patreon will allow me to start filming and live streaming for both Quiltoni and Craft Hackers!  So if you want to start seeing videos and live streams, please pledge your support today.


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