Light Up Your House

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I had this favorite chain restaurant I used to go to frequently that used stained glass lamps for all their booths. Most modern ones have moved away with their industrial style or minimalistic lamp shades, but there’s a certain charm and elegance with stained glass as well. So if you’re like me and enjoy that kind of style, well……you may want to give a stroll thru Midian Craft Works designs.

This life sized Storm Trooper Helmet lamp is what first drew me to her collection, and is by far her most ambitious piece with over 500 pieces of glass! I don’t know why anyone would want to wear it, but apparently it can be done. XD Her store features lamps of all shapes and sizes from a wide range of fandoms. I’m incredibly biased though and adore her simple rupee lamp. 😀

Of course she also has some standard sun catcher style pieces that are equally as beautiful…but a little kinder on your budget. She seems to be remaking more stock for her store so I recommend checking her gallery out over on deviantart to see some of the lovely pieces of art that could light you life up. 😉


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