Life Like Needlefelting

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I know I’ve posted some pretty spectacular needle felted items in the past, but seriously, I just keep finding incredibly talented people when it comes to this relatively unknown art form! This newest find has been selling her work on Etsy for the past 3 years and it’s just amazing.

Yvonne’s Workshop is all about making custom nature based display pieces for you home that are just so on point. Other then witchcraft I have no idea how she gets something heavy like that owl to balance properly. XD Her work can also be delicate and small though.

She’s a former Pixar employee that, like most of us, just has a love of all things art. Her plans are to expand her shop in the future to also include hand made baskets and possibly some future paintings as well. Until then her needle felting is still without a doubt worth a look to fawn over. 🙂

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