Indiana ComicCon is coming up!

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Good day and happy Wednesday! This is Kim with Fantastical Menagerie. This week I’ve been on supersonic prep for two shows I have coming up. This is my second year at both events, and they are two of my favorite ones!

This weekend you can find me at Indiana ComicCon, which is April 14-16. They are featuring some amazing guests, including Val Kilmer, Cary Elwes, Nichelle Nichols and Jewel Staite. More details of the show can be found here.

I will have a booth, number 1215. Here is the map. I am right near the smiley face!

I have a lot of new pieces I’m bringing with me, and I and my helper are planning on cosplaying most of the weekend. I have some new chameleons, a massive giant pacific Octopus, some new choker styles and even ear cuffs! I will also be sculpting at my booth, so it’s a chance for you all to ask questions, see my techniques, and even request some custom work. The following weekend I’m at C2E2, Booth 273, but more in that next week.

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