Illustrated Books (but not for reading)

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I’d decided to take a break from book makers a few months back as most of the design I was coming across were technically sound of course, the majority of them were simple binding and basic covers. I’m happy to say that this clever crafter has broken that streak.

Coraline Inspired Book by Vanyanie

How deliciously beautiful and creepy is that? All the little extra details like the sewn binding and button for a built in bookmark? I love it. 😀

Vanyanie has found a way to really put their mark on the books they make with all of these little details. The majority of their gallery contains books with simple designs and covers but they really goes the extra mile in their details. The majority of their pages are custom printed with lines and marking that compliment the overall design/theme they’re chosen.

Steampunk Bound Journal by Vanyanie

If they’re not already running the con circuit in Germany/Europe then they need to be. Their work is so well done and you should definitely check out more of it.


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