Giant Fluffy Slime

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Crafty Girls is one of the cute kids blogs I follow that provide a lot of DIY projects.  I especially like their Giant Fluffy Slime.

Learn how to make this GIANT FLUFFY SLIME with Annelise, Julia & Rachel. It makes perfect poking slime too! NO Borax, liquid starch or detergent needed for this slime! Happy Crafting!

You will need:
White school glue
Baking soda
Eyedrops or contact lens saline solution (see note below)
Shaving cream (get a scent you like!)
Foaming face or body wash – this is optional
Food dye – this is optional

*Note about eyedrops/saline solution: Make sure that you see either Boric Acid or Sodium Borate in the ingredients. If not, check for the words “Buffered Saline” on the package. If it says this, you can make slime!
Have fun making your Giant Fluffy Slime!


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