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As soon as I walked past Explorium’s table at Dublin Comic Con, I immediately fell in love and knew I had to feature them. Steampunk, wood, geekiness- Explorium has everything that I love across a broad fandom based all wrapped in shiny pretty steampunk facades.

Self described as a “timeless universe,” Explorium has a beautiful vintage and steampunk feel. Not all of Emeline’s work attaches to a fandom, so they have a broad appeal to anyone who loves this aesthetic.

When she does bring fandoms into her work, I love how it isn’t always blatently obvious. You could wear her pieces with everyday clothing, knowing only those who knew would understand how amazing the pieces are. I’ve always loved being able to wear my fandom incognito.

Explorium also does wonderful book-related art, with quotes and imagery from the likes of The Fault in Our Stars and this necklace from Alice in Wonderland.

And if you love her pieces but aren’t quite sold on wearing the steampunk vibe, then check out her gorgeous notebooks. They’re decorated in the same vein, and make me wish I used paper enough these days to justify picking one up.

Explorium’s creations are beautifully crafted with just the right amount of whimsy.

If you are interested in seeing more of Emeline’s work, you can find her on Facebook and Pinterest.

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