DIY Father’s Day Gifts

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Another month, another holiday and this month we get to honor the male role models in our life. 🙂 Since not all of them want power tools (like the TV ads would have you believe) I’ve gathered up a collection of some great DIY gifts that range from customization to from scratch creation to help inspire any last minute gift ideas you might need.

Hanging Belt Rack

First we have a customization one that’s pretty simple. With just a wood hanger, a drill and some cup hooks; you can make a simple space saving belt hanger! Depending on how tool ready you are the only thing you may need to buy are the hooks themselves.


Personalized Neckties

Keeping with the clothing theme, here’s a simple one for all you sewers out there. Make that tie you get him a little more personal this year by embroidering his initial on it! Even if you don’t have an embroidery machine you can still create one with a simple stencil, a needle, thread, and an embroidery hoop. Might take some time if you pick a fancy font to do it in though so budget your time wisely the next few days.



Date with Dad

Okay, here’s one you need no instructions for that will work great if you have a close relationship with your Dad. Make a card asking to go on a ‘date’ with him and include the tickets/vouchers inside. Really simple and can mean a lot more as you’re setting aside time just to spend with him and create new memories. Can also work great for younger kids as well if the other parent helps set everything up.


Firewood Tote

While this could work for people other then you dad as well, this nifty little gift could certainly see a lot of use come winter time. I know I would love to stop piling the wood up in my arms when I try to carry it inside (All the while hoping nothing crawls out and decides to come say hi…. >.< ) Another very simple gift that won’t break the bank with the only required materials being some canvas, flannel and wooden dowel rods.


Wooden Beer Tote

This one is for all you wood workers out there! Put those skills to work and make your Dad a custom 6-pack tote this year. I love the addition of the bottle opener on the side, and you’ll likely score bonus points if you fill it with some of your Dad’s favorite drinks. 😉


Modge Podge Coasters

Lastly, if you have a sibling looking to compliment you awesome Drink Tote, why not suggest they make Dad some custom coasters? This crafty creator found round electrical outlet covers at the hardware store to use that keep your coaster weighted without having to use stones/tiles. All you need are those, some glue, modge podge, and prints of whatever you’d like to place on them. 🙂

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