DIY: Family Luminaries

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Hello all!

Happy Thursday to all you Crafthackers. If you are still scrambling for some last minute gifts for family members, I have a lovely solution for you and a tutorial from Our Best Bites! This is a really easy way to make some very touching gifts and I think that they’re just amazing.

So you will need a photo printer that can print onto vellum (most photo printers should do the trick) and you’ll need vellum to print onto. You can find vellum at craft stores and I’ve even found them at business supply stores as it’s what architects and designers use for drafting. You will also need some double sided tape. This is so easy and pretty, I love it.

You will also need a selection of vases or glass jars to use as the candle holders. Look for smooth, cylindrical jars that will be easier to wrap. You can use square ones but the photos won’t be quite as smooth.

So you need to print out your photos onto the vellum and trim them to the size of whatever glass you will be using. Landscape photos will work better as you’ll get the width to wrap them around the different jars. If you have a large one, however, keep in mind that you can use two photos to make up the difference.

Simply attach your photo to the glass (on the outside) with the double sided tape.  You can put these jars in windows to allow the photos to glow from the natural light, or you can put candles inside to light them from within. If you have some half used candles (probably best as a self gift, however), the light lower in the jar makes the luminaries look amazing, so you can also attach photos to these.

Happy crafting!


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