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As convention season for most of us artist is starting to rev up, I thought I’d share a great little tutorial that I personally used to help my table display improve drastically. Make your own display risers.

If you’re like me and need a long multi-tier display for your products, then you’ll know how frustrating it can be to actually find one that fits with not just your table layout, but also displays your work appropriately. Most professional made items will of course look better, but I’ve found these foam core displays to be light weight, easy to create and perfectly serviceable until you can afford something better. If you already have a hot glue gun, a long ruler and a X-acto type knife then your cost for this project shouldn’t be more then $2-10 as you will only need to buy the amount of foam core needed to create your new display. I personally bought 3 huge 3ft sheets of it on sale for only $5. Now the designer took it a step beyond and added bulletin board paper for a more neutral feel, but I would only do it if you feel a solid color like white/black will be too distracting/clash with your current table layout.

Now that I’ve been using a foam core display for the past 6 months or so, I feel comfortable enough in their performance and usage to whole heartily recommend using the medium. They make great, professional looking displays (provided you take your time and make your cuts/gluing clean of course) and cost considerably less than those plastic ones that always shatter if they fall off onto the floor. >.< Any Craft Hackers Members that need help assembling their own risers or designing them can of course feel free to contact me in the forums and I’ll be happy to help them out. 🙂


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  1. Hi Nicole, Cool idea. It looks awesome. I am also planning to do similar stuffs in my stall after seeing your work. Can you help me out in DIY foam risers? Can you give me a detailed description of how to do it? If you have time to mail you can mail me at As a beginner it will be very helpful to me. Thank you in advance.

    • Hey, I just got back in from being out of state for a wedding so I am more than happy to help you out (now that I have reliable internet, lol). I recently remade my own risers out of the thicker .5″ foam core and took pictures while I did it so I can make a complete write up/tutorial for people. I should get a chance to do it this week, but if not I’ll see about jumping on the forums this afternoon after I take a nap from my red-eye flight back in this morning. >.<

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