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Last week Facebook gave me a memory of a blog post from 2 years ago. I started my blog back in 2010 as a way of keeping track of things. I thought it might help me keep on track of current projects, and it did do that. However, having been blogging for 6 years now, there are a number of un-sung benefits from it. So today is about those not-so-talked about reasons why you might choose to blog.


Crafting in public, be it on a blog or just posting progress pictures on social media, has been great for making me finish projects. When you work in secret its easy for a project to fall onto the UFO pile and never be seen again. But when you start posting about what you’re working on, even if the only people who follow you are friends and family, someone will inevitably ask “How did that embroidery you were working on turn out?”

It may not be a big deal, but for me, it makes motivation a lot easier to find when I know someone will eventually ask to see what I’ve done. Deadlines don’t work well for me, as I am constantly prey to the planning-fallacy trap. But the subtle social pressure? Yup, works like a charm.

Explaining Clears Up Your Thought Process

As any teacher will tell you, you need to really have a good idea of what you’re at if you’re going to explain it to someone else. Its not just that you understand what you’re doing, but you need to understand why the way you are doing something works or doesn’t.

Blogging can be many things, but craft-blogging tends to be about process. So when you write your blog post about your particular project, you provide guidance for others who may be doing something similar. You teach, whether you intend to or not.

Writing has a way of helping you put your thoughts, the whys, the reasons, and the hows all into a nice little package. It can even give you help if you’re torn between several options. Why did you choose to applique instead of paper-piecing? Well, if you can put it in words, you can justify it to yourself. And that can be incredibly helpful in figuring out tough projects.


Ready Made Journal

There have been a lot of things written about the benefit of journaling. What they often fail to realise is that blogging can be a lot like journaling.

For one, looking back at blog posts can be like taking a trip through a diary or journal. You can relive projects that you enjoyed, be reminded of tips you’d forgotten, and even maybe realise how much you’ve learned since then.

Blogs can be memory lanes. Did you make a project as a gift? You can still revisit it, even if the actual work is far away. Did a project help you deal with a particular time in your life? You can find that strength again too.

I haven’t managed to blog as much this year as I have in previous ones, but I do hope I get back to it soon. I need to go make more memories.

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