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Hi there Thursday readers,

Good day, all you cosplayers. That’s right, I’m looking at you. I come bearing good news!  I have found something wonderful, a treasure trove of DIY cosplay wonders.  This is a wonderful little shop called Sussman’s Bridal Supply, but don’t let the name fool you. They’re not just bridal, in fact, I would argue that the most accurate part of the name is “supply”. Once in Toronto, and now in Hamilton, you can find Sussman’s online, and they have an Etsy shop where you can order all the supplies you can want! You can keep up with their updates on their Facebook page as well.


I first found this store when it was originally in Toronto and the owner is lovely. She’s helpful and super knowledgeable about the products They have a wide range of crafting supplies, and some of the widest selections of supplies I have seen in my travels, and the first thing I noticed almost as soon as I got in?  Feathers. See my photo above. Not only did they have a wide selection of colours but…


They had some of the most interesting and usable feathers I had seen in a long time. I loved the designs and the quality, and I can see a lot of different uses for these.

The second thing I noticed was the beads and the stones. Again, the selection in store was huge….


Rows upon rows…


Upon rows and shelves upon shelves, if there’s a colour or a style you’ve been looking for, I can see you finding it here in this rainbow cornucopia of beads. Not just do they have these, but there are lots of appliques that are available.


One of the things that I used this store for when I was in Toronto, was their selection of trims. I found that they had a large selection of them when most of the other stores around did not, and that made me a very happy girl.

So cosplayers… You’re welcome. Check out their shops and keep your eye out on Instagram of their posts showing you what they’ve got going on in store. Remember, buying local keeps our economy going and supports small business owners who work their butts off for what they love.


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