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Hello Thursday Readers!


I am looking forward to a weekend of warmer weather and you know what that means? It means that I get to use my balcony again and enjoy candles lighting it up. I have done a few posts on candles, and I have another one for you. The original tutorial comes from The Shabby Creek Cottage, and I thought it was so cool when I saw it and not only is it amazing, but you can make some really unique and beautiful gifts from it as well. You’ll need some pillar candles (white will probably show best but I can’t see why other colours wouldn’t look nice), tissue paper, some card stock (home printer size), tape, a push pin, scissors, a hair dryer, a printer & computer. Your first job is to choose the image you’d like to see on your candle. I love how the text looks like on the candle and i think it would look gorgeous all light up.  You can find a printable dictionary at Graphics Fairy, but you can print your image from anywhere

Once you have your image, you can trim your tissue to the size of your cardstock and tape it down so that you can print on the tissue without it breaking apart.  Print your image in the direction you would like it to sit on the candle – so if you want to read horizontally across the candle, you’ll need to print in landscape.

You can now wrap the tissue paper around the candle – you can do this ink side down, and trim the ends so you don’t have overlap and you don’t have any tissue hanging off the edges. Use a push pin to hold everything where you want it to stay.

Using your hair dryer, you want to heat the candle all around so that you melt just enough wax all the way around for the candle to grab the paper. It shouldn’t take long and you’ll notice when the paper starts to stick.

And that’s it! Pretty simple and easy huh? For the steampunk in you, you can print out blueprints and old DaVinci schematics. You can do this with texts from Shakespeare, poetry verses, song lyrics, even photos. Whatever your imagination can print!

Happy crafting!


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