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I’m facing facts that there is no way I could actually write something this week that didn’t involve Star Wars, especially today when I am T minus 7 hours to watching The Force Awakens premiere. I thought about doing Star Wars snowflakes, but we’ve covered that. I thought about Star Wars embroidery or cross stitch, but I haven’t actually made any this year. The only thing I have done this year is actually work on Star Wars costumes. So in light of that, I thought I’d throw out there what I’m wearing tonight and talk about closet cosplays.

Closet cosplays are often overlooked, but no less fun that wearing full blown regalia. They are, as the name suggests, cosplays that you draw from your own closet, and so are great because you get to use the pieces for more than just cosplay.

As part of the 501st Legion Ireland Garrison, I got tickets to the Irish premiere of the Force Awakens. I was thrilled until the notice came down that they only wanted stormtroopers in costume. I was bereft and then even moreso when they announced that the dress code was “business casual.” I am also heading to a midnight showing, so I still wanted to share my geekdom and be at least somewhat in costume.

Enter the closet cosplay. Looking around, you’ll see loads of how to cosplay for Luke or generic jedi, usually involving bathrobes and a lightsaber. But that was definitely not going to fly at the premiere, so I had a little flick through my closet and realised that cosplaying as Han Solo is a lot easier than most people realise.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 12.49.03

A simple shirt and a black vest make up the top. If you can find a shirt with covered or no buttons, that’s best, but I had to look at least semi-presentable, so I couldn’t go with the more comfortable and accurate cotton in my closet. However, I could still make this work. The black vest, while full of pockets on the screen, can really be any black vest. I’ve tried both my own vest, and a vest belonging to my other half, and both work.

Add blue pants and boots and you’re just about done. Last but not least, a splash of red! You could run red ribbons down the sides of pants you already own, but I felt it might be a little too on the nose, so my red Corellian nod is coming from a red handbag.

Whether you go full on costume, or just find a quick closet cosplay like me, have a fantastic time at the Force Awakens!!

~ eliste

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