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Good morning Thursday Crafthackers

This morning I have a small business feature for a lovely handcrafted business that features hand made soaps as well as wood products and what’s even better is that they work not just to make but to educate people about living a more sustainable life. Meet Among the Pines.

The wood products that are made are simple and rustic but elegantly made and useful.

Not only do they give a lovely selection of hand made products that can be bought and enjoyed yourself or given as lovely gifts like cheese boards, beer flights made from reclaimed wood or even ones like this that really can be gifted, and filled with beer for the loved recipient…


They also offer a wood butter which is what I was most impressed with.

It is a wood conditioner that you can use to preserve and make beautiful all of your wood kitchen utensils and cutting boards that is free of any petroleum products like mineral oil.

Their other offering was their soap. Also hand made and wonderful, and best of all they have one that is made from beer that smells amazing.  What’s lovely is that you can find these guys on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to follow not just their excellent products, but their philosophy as well.

~ Megan

Sweet Smells of Success

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Happy Sunday!

This week has been all ups and downs as far as weather is concerned here in the Midwest U.S. The beautiful amount of sun and pleasant temperatures have got me thinking about all of the activities I enjoy in the Spring/Summer, one in particular being my trips to the local Renaissance Faire. I love the fun and frolic to be had at Faire but as I’ve also mentioned before, I love the vendors as well. There are certain vendors that I patronize every year but I always look forward to finding new ones (or at least new to me)! One I was very pleased to stumble across last summer was Beeswyck Chandlery/Scenter Square body products. A note for the “non-Rennies” (those that don’t attend Faire), when you are a merchant at a Ren Faire, you are often expected to create a period appropriate character, name, and ambiance for your shop. So at Faire, Shannon’s (the proprietor) shop is known as Beeswyck while online she runs Scenter Square. I have fallen head over heels for her soap. It’s light, airy, doesn’t strip my skin of all moisture and comes in a wide array of scents/colors. It’s all vegan, natural and, of course, handmade!


Her formulas are safe for my sensitive skin and her often whimsical (and geeky!) scent blends evoke their namesakes. Two of my absolute favorites are the Honey Meade and the Scottish Heather but the Princess Bride themed As You Wish soap was sweet/light and definitely made me think of “twoo wuv”. This is not to say that we are limited to just the soaps. I have not personally used any of the other products YET but from the reviews, it appears I absolutely need to get my hands on some of her natural deodorant, solid shampoo/conditioner, and lip butters.


Coming from someone that cannot use most commercial deodorant sticks, I think a further future product review is in order. After all of these lovely items, I can’t very well forget her Faire shop’s focus, either. The candles come in most of the same scents (some additional ones, too) in beeswax pillars or tapers or in soy tins or even wax melts! The whimsy is here as well with names like Pixie Dust and Unicorn Farts (I seriously laughed out loud at that one).


I highly recommend a look through her wares and if you find yourself at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin this summer, stop by for a sniff! Shannon is very willing to work with you for the best in customer service, online and in person. Scenter Square can be found on their website and on Etsy.

Unfortunately, my Renn Faire dreams have to stay just dreams for a few months yet but at least I have the scents to keep me going.

Stay crafty!


A Girl’s Best Friends…

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… Where the answer may often be diamonds, sometimes the answer is her bridesmaids. Last week I gave you a few links with some great DIY ideas for the men involved in a wedding, this week I’m going to post some ideas for the ladies in your wedding. It’s just as important to thank these tireless babes as they helped to make your big day special and stress free. After all – what are friends for? Now, one of my general rules of gift giving – especially for big events that tend to merit trinkets with dates etched into them or something else that you wouldn’t want to use, I follow my own personal rule of giving something consumable or useful. That way, the people who helped you on your big day can have a little enjoyment out of their gift rather than having something that sits in a cabinet.

1. My first offering, is from Lia Griffith who  has given a step by step tutorial, including printables for labels (if you are a member of their site) and recipes, for how to give a spa day in a box.

I love that this gift lets your lovely ladies open something fabulous, and the fact that this is all hand made is what makes this gift special. You can find most of the ingredients easily at a grocery store, and you can visit your local craft store for any containers that you may need to buy (you don’t need the roll tubes for your lip balm, think of some small jars instead). The other nice thing about this is you can really make all of this in bulk so that you can make one for all the ladies in your bridal party.

2. What about these delicious and unique cookie butters (that’s right, you read that right) from A Beautiful Mess?

There’s recipe and instructions for how to make a butter out of any kind of cookie, and the other supplies for the labels and the jars can be pretty nominal, depending on how to do them. But imagine a set of 4 different cookie butters for your bridesmaids to treat themselves with over a piece of toast or waffles!

3. For your ladies who love to cook there’s an amazing idea that can be applied to spoons and other wooden utensils, but also to bread boards, wooden trivets, and really anything else that’s wooden and living in the kitchen. I’d like to thank Design Mom for their lovely, design inspiration. All you need is a dremel and some creative gumption.

I think this is such a fabulous way to personalize some every day items and give them just a touch of class. Especially since you do these  by hand, they can be as intricate or simple as you’d like, and you don’t have to worry about getting food grade paint as you are just burning the designs in! Keep in mind if you’re going to do something more complex (like a full picture on a trivet, for example…), you may want to etch it with pencil first, as there are no takebacksies when it comes to wood burning.

4. And finally, my last offering in this little gift collage, is to give the gift of soap, with this tutorial provided by A Pumpkin and a Princess. She provides recipes for a few different flavours, too.


What I love about this, is that it’s simple, thoughtful, useful and can be made in large batches so that you can give multiple flavours of soap and you can gift to your ladies without breaking the bank. If you get some nice craft paper, or printed wrapping paper and some ribbon, you can make this simple thank you a very very beautiful one!


I hope that you enjoyed this as much as last weeks. And good luck!

Happy crafting,


DIY Gem Stone Soap

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I don’t know about everyone else out there, but my ‘lazy days of summer’ tend to be more hot gross days of outdoor chores or fun. Thankfully, I can look forward to my shower once I spend some time busting out these lovelies.

From the lovely people at Mr Printables, comes this super simple and handy DIY on how to make your own glycerine based soap Gems. ^_^ Now you can go about this one of two ways, either buy some glycerine based soaps online (via etsy or ebay) or adventure into making your own! Once you have your basic bars though all you’ll need is a knife (a simple butter knife may even do) before you start carving away. That’s right, the secret is just to keep chopping off corners until you make a shape you like!

The sky is the limit with designs for these lovelies and I imagine they will look great in the bathroom before you even use them! 🙂


Pi Day – Week 2

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Saturday March 14th was the ultimate Pi day.  Pi is of course 3.14159.  I was at the Indiana Comic Con and decided to celebrate Pi day by spreading the love with miniature pies.

2015-03-14 09.41.48

I shared these miniature pies with all of the amazing crafty people I found at the Indiana Comic Con.  Every Saturday in April I am going to share pictures and give you information about these crafty people.

Kettle Arts gave me something new and exciting with their painted wooden figures.

2015-03-14 09.45.14

To see all of John’s art and painted figures check out his Deviant Art site here.

Right by Kettle Arts was a great soap maker Lost in Soap.

2015-03-14 09.59.33

There were so many soaps in a lot of great shapes.  To see the large selection Susan has check out her Facebook page here.

I have heard of Geeks with Scissors and saw their Etsy shop, but I loved seeing these great wallets and skirts in person.

2015-03-14 09.55.14

You can check out their Etsy shop here and their Facebook here.

I will share more crafty people next week!