The Basics of Print and DPI

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With convention season in full swing as of this weekend, many of my fellow artist & artisans will be working with paper for one reason or another for their products. Be it business cards and banners at shows or having your art printed out, it will effect us all in some way. Knowing how the image you see on your screen will look when printed it crucial to having a good finished product and I’ve found the perfect guide to share with you about it.

Printing Guide

Created by Kasandra Murray, this detailed guide goes into not just what settings you should be making your pieces at, but why. Even going into that scary world of RGB color VS CMYK. It’s incredibly informative and spot on with it’s info and I highly recommend giving it a read no matter your skill level. Knowing this type of information can help improve what you print yourself, as well as understanding what those companies/businesses that print your work need from you. Bookmark it and read it while you’re by the pool today.


A Very Crafty Canvas

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For me the word “craft” brings to mind one of two things: handmade item or beer. As you’ve probably guessed if you’ve been reading the Sunday posts regularly, I am quite into the first item. I love making thing with my own two hands. This also happens to extend into the second topic as I love craft beer. Yes, I am one of those people – a beer nerd. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across something that combines two of my very favorite things. It is my honor to introduce to you The Beer Painter, Karen Eland.

The artist, very happily at work.

The artist, very happily at work.

You read that right, BEER PAINTING. She paints using just water and beer. I always knew that beer was a versatile substance but this use of it just had me floored. She is a wonderful artist and the uses of various types of beers to capture little details in essentially sepia tones is just amazing.

Yosemite National beer.

Yosemite National Park….in beer.

If you’ve ever been to any of the drink and paint nights that have become so popular in the past year, it may interest you to know that Karen also holds regular “Sip and Dip” beer painting classes so if you live anywhere near Bend, Oregon (or plan on visiting), it sounds like a great night out!

The best part is "cleaning up" your paint after...

The best part is “cleaning up” your paint after…

This very talented artist actually started out using coffee to paint until she was inspired by the local craft beer scene to incorporate her favorite adult beverages as well. It’s not limited to just beer, either. She has received requests for paintings done in wine and rum, some for the actual breweries or distilleries themselves!

The rum is gone because it is in the painting!

The rum is gone because it is in the painting!

If you, like me, do not live anywhere near Bend, OR, you can still own some of her brilliant work. She has pieces for sale in her Etsy shop and she definitely does commissions! You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, or her website. All of this beer talk has made me thirsty, so I am off to check on my “paint” supply.

Until next Sunday, stay crafty!


A Tribute to Two Great Men

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While I was traveling over the last two weeks I joined the world in grieving two great men, David Bowie and Alan Rickman.  I wanted to do something special for them on Craft Hackers but we are a craft blog.  So in Craft Hackers fashion I dedicate today’s post to some amazing crafts and cosplay featuring these two great men.

Two things you can do to show your love of David Bowie include painting your face with his signature lightning bolt look or Cosplay as the Goblin King:


Alan Rickman played so many iconic characters through his life.  I think it is appropriate to feature crafts and art that celebrate some movies he is known for.  Narrowing it down to one thing from Harry Potter proved to be a struggle for me.  Although one look at this reclaimed wood quote and it turned out to be an easy choice.

Galaxy Quest was also a hard decision.  In the end I decided to commemorate his best quote in the movie.

With so many awesome movies to his name the last one to feature has to be Die Hard.  I give you Hans Gruber.

I will miss both of these men and their contributions not only to pop culture and society, but to geek culture.  Now to spend the day watching some of the lasting contributions they have made that have shaped my life growing up.  You will be missed greatly David and Alan.



Crafty Manhattan

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Having been born and raised in Toronto and having walked miles (and kilometers) throughout and around the city, I have had ample opportunity to exercise my skill in the cement-jungle treasure-hunt: the art of finding hidden gems between the bricks of commercial institutions. Manhattan, however, is not familiar; it is a whole new landscape, and one that I have only recently decided to begin exploring. Luckily for me there are countless resources online to help lead me in the right direction.

One such lead pointed to Chelsea Market, an indoor market known for quality craft food and merchandise. As you stroll through the halls, you will be struck by the artistry and care that all of the stores within have put into their work. It is truly inspiring.

Within the market there is a temporary shop called ID Pop Shop, filled with artists and their wares. While browsing, I came across Verrier Handcrafted, the mother-daughter business of Ashleigh and Jude Verrier that expanded from designer fashion-wear to ‘papier designs.’ The fashion influence is clear, as the style of art is very chic, delicate, and detailed.

Their hand-crafted and colourful work covers both canvas and card, accented by dazzling, meticulously-applied sparkles to create a ‘light-hearted’ yet elegant impression. Some items are even adorned by quirky phrases such as “Champagne is always the answer,” and “She who leaves a trail of glitter will never be forgotten” (we all know this to be true, I think I still have glitter from Christmas lodged in my carpet).

The care put into their work was undeniable. As I browsed through their cards I thought about how many people I could send one to and feel as though I had given something that complimented the sincerity of the sentiments that I scribbled inside. A “Hallmark” isn’t the same as a handmade gift, even if it is not done by your own hand. That is, in essence, the beauty of crafts, is it not?

Their website is easy to navigate and the quality of the work that I saw was very good. A stream of people continuously flowed through their section and many people lined up to pay for handfuls of cards and larger prints. Overall it was a very good find and I’m glad I wandered into the market that day.

I have only scratched the surface and will continue to scour for local artisans to share with you all!

– Shalyn

You Are My Sunshine

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I think I’m really aching for the sunshine today!  This winter has lasted too long!

Belle from ReImagination Prints brings us that little bit of happy with her You Are My Sunshine Dictionary Print Set!  Not only did it make me happy, it also got that song in my head that my mom used to sing to me when I was a little girl!


This is what Belle says about her artwork: “I find books that are falling apart and I carefully rescue the usable pages and up-cycle them by printing them with digitally enhanced old photos, vintage illustrations and my own artwork. Most of the pages I use are over 115 years old so each piece created is unique and one of a kind with its own individual shading and character.

I enjoy the idea of taking worn books that are about to be tossed out and turning them into something completely different that hopefully will be enjoyed, and maybe even treasured, for many more years to come. The books I source my materials from were destined for the dust heap of history (that’s just a nice way of saying they were to be tossed in the trash) but I turn them into something new and different so they can be appreciated once again.”

Do you want your own unique piece of art?

If you need a little Audrey Hepburn in your life, may I suggest the Dark Mood print or the Breakfast at Tiffany’s print?  Both are just so classic!

il_570xN.383250027_tcj1 il_570xN.419638971_61hz

Or if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration


I think my personal favourite is this Alice in Wonderland print.  It is just so fanciful and goes perfectly with the dictionary background!


If you would like to see more from ReImagination Prints, you should check out her Etsy store!  You will not be disappointed!

– Lindsay