Cute in the Kitchen

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Happy Sunday, all!

The unseasonable warmth continues here in the midwest US but that does not mean that I’m not spending time with a warm oven on! I do spend a great deal of time in my kitchen as I have an especial passion for baking. Creating comfort foods is one of my favorite activities for stress release. If you’ve followed the Sunday posts for a while, you may have also grasped that I love all things cute. So imagine my surprise and delight to come across many of the adorable Studio Ghibli oriented kitchen utensils in Zeniba’s Attic:

No Face, Catbus, and Totoro spoons for that geeky chef in your life!

Joanne, the artist, burns the images into the very functional pieces to create these wonderful and adorable items.

Some soot sprites to help scoop with the spatula?

I think many of them would make fantastic gifts for any Ghibli enthusiast.

Like this Totoro cutting/cheese/serving board!

She not only creates cute kitchen utensils but also paints ceramic items to match!

Maybe you shouldn’t have a Calcifer oil burner near your bacon, though.

Since she makes her items to order and they are shipping from the UK, it may take a while to receive your lovely pieces but it looks like all are well worth it! Zeniba’s Attic can be found on Etsy and Facebook.

Have a wonderful week, everyone – I’m off to bake!

Stay crafty!


Constellation Luminaries

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I love space. I find it to be so beautiful and filled with so many questions and not being in space kinda bums me out sometimes. While these aren’t space, they’re still pretty awesome.

Made by etsy artist Modern Mud, these are hand made ceramic luminaries with holes and lines that imitate the major constellations. The design was originally a wedding commission, they turned out so lovely that¬†Naomi Singer decided to make them available to the world. ūüôā My space needs certainly appreciate this decision.

These candle holders mean business too. Measuring about 7″ tall, they can hold a small votive or even a pillar candle! I’m already picturing them paired with some of my favorite scented candles and the view is beautiful and smells great. ūüėČ She also makes all sorts of other delightful ceramic items such as ring dishes, vases and even personalized holiday ornaments. ūüėÄ All of her work is in this same simple and clean style, so I highly recommend giving her gallery a look.

Kickstarter Feature: Dryad Pottery

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Craft Hacker member Dryad Tea is starting a new venture and needs your help!

I have seen the pottery that Rubiee creates in person and I am super excited that she is planning on expanding the pottery side of her business even further.  I especially like the Mugs with tags she creates like these:


But she also makes great trivets for your spoons or tea bags.

They both can be yours in her Kickstarter!  As of now she is already at 32% of her goal.  Take a look at all of the rewards and see if there is anything that interests you to help Rubiee reach her goal.


Not Your Aunt’s Ceramics

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I don’t know about you but when I was growing up, a number of my aunts (I have quite a few) were really enthusiastic about ceramics. I still have the ceramic baby blocks and piggy bank to prove it. They are cute but not something that I continue to display or use on a regular basis. While at Wizard World Chicago this year, I couldn’t help but notice Mesiree Ceramics Studio’s booth as they were essentially in my line of sight for much of the convention. They immediately caught my attention because they were displaying items like this:

Is that...a catbus?!?!

Is that…a catbus?!?!

I am a huge Studio Ghibli fan and I’m pretty sure that I let out a rather loud squeal upon spying their lovely wares. Besides being cute, the detail on their mugs is just beautiful. I love the pure anger captured here on Calcifer’s face:

This will shortly be my new Mondays mug.

This will shortly be my new Mondays mug.

Ok, so they don’t just create amazing Miyazaki art. Their more traditional designs are also lovingly crafted and glazed in an array of colors.

MesireeFox  MesireeShip

Not in the market for a mug? What about a goldfish yarn bowl for all of you that knit/crochet or a hedgehog brown sugar saver for the bakers?

MesireeFishYarnBowl  MesireeHedgehog

All of these items would definitely be proudly displayed and used on a regular basis in my home.

The holidays are coming up and I highly encourage you to check out their Etsy store, Facebook page, or Instagram for some great gift ideas. This work is not to be missed!

Enjoy your Sunday and stay crafty!


Burning your Scents

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Loosely keeping with yesterday’s post of burning things, I thought I’d take a different route today and showcase a different way to make your house smell lovely when you burn stuff. Via incense! Though really it’s just the excellent creative holders that I love.

This one by Steam-HeART imminently caught my eye since I love Steampunk aesthetics (though the spider legs creep me out a bit…) and it is sadly a one off piece the artist designed for themselves. Mostly due to the time/materials making the cost too high for retail. We can all still admire it though. ūüôā

The style for this one is more traditional (long and flat for sticks), but man oh man ShirleysStudio gave it quite the epic fantasy makeover. The base if from the original burner but when it broke creativity struck. Their primary work is in these fantasy style creatures but this was a beautiful combination of piece and function.

While I know Halloween is over, that doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy this witch oven. LongHomeFox designed it to burn incense cones instead of sticks so that it would look like a fire in an oven. Really cool idea and to wood carving it top notch here. Though the last one I found kinda wins for smoke use with it’s design…

I mean, come on. It’s a baby dragon that looks like it’s starting up some fire as it’s hatching. How cool is that?! 1stQueenOfHalloween did a phenomenal job sculpting this porcelain piece. Check out her deviantart post about it as she goes into detail bout how it was made and how it functions if you want more info. It’s really great stuff. ūüôā

The Glaze Craze!

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Hey there folks!


Here’s a great business that is both a small, handmade business as well as a DIY starting point for those of you interested in ceramics. ¬†The Glaze Craze¬†is a make your own ceramics shop with a huge amount of different things that you can make and different classes that you can take, even with workshops and camps available for kids. Owner Karin took over the shop when it went up for sale since this was the best way for her to use her love of ceramics to make a living. ¬† After changing a couple of locations she settled it in Richmond Hill and where the business originally offered only pottery painting, Karin has expanded the offerings to include ¬†building, glass fusing/painting, and canvas painting (and hopefully soon sand blasting art)

I always ask the question to the artisan, what their favourite part of their art is and Karen used to love working with clay but since adding glass… well she’s changed her mind. ¬†Looking at the number of ways you can work with glass is pretty amazing from making ornaments for a tree to beautiful plates and chargers.

It should be noted that both the pictures above were from customers who were proudly displaying their art.

Karin is a great example of an artist who became an entrepreneur and she loves to teach and help kids and adults alike to find the inner artist and showing people who think they have no artistic ability that they have plenty hidden deep down.

She does offer online orders on her website, as well as the ability to book events (both for children and adults) and to order wedding platters. You can check out lots more photos on her Facebook page as well as her instagram account.

So go ahead and plan a ladies night out so you can have fun with the girls, a kids night out so that parents can have a wee respite, or go just to play with your own creativity. There’s a lot that her shop offers to help you explore and create something beautiful. Remember, your parents who have everything don’t have something like this that was made by your own two little hands.



Pretty and Useful

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When you come across beautiful art that is also useful, it seems that all is right with the world!  Back Bay Pottery brings together stunning pottery with everyday uses!

Christine from Back Bay Pottery says, “One-of-a-kind and handmade is close to my heart where it will always be…” ¬†I believe this is a motto we should all live by! ¬†Embrace handmade and our lives will be the better and more enriched for it!

Using a technique called slip trailing, which is drawing with liquid clay, Back Bay Pottery can create pieces that are all unique.  If you need some inspiration on how to incorporate handmade into your everyday life, let us take a look at what Christine has to offer.  Their pieces range from beautiful but simple mugs, cutlery and sponge holders, cream and sugar sets, salt and pepper shakers and even butter dishes!

il_570xN.700885376_25rw il_570xN.702738950_4wr6 il_570xN.599749665_sbk2 il_570xN.392837801_5si8 il_570xN.619530412_25ek

They have much more than what I’ve decided are my favourites so please check out their store and decide what you like! ¬†You may decide that your favourites are their super awesome buttons!!


To find out more about Back Bay Pottery, you can check out any of the below:

– Lindsay

More Pottery!

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It seems I’m on a bit of a pottery kick so I’m just going to pick up yesterday’s post where I left off! ¬†Today I’m going to feature Ning’s Wonder World.

As I was looking through Ning’s etsy store trying to find my favourites to show you, I just couldn’t stop myself. ¬†Item after item. ¬†I wanted them all!! ¬†All of Ning’s items are hand-made and many can be personalized or customized for a wedding, birthday or other special occasion. ¬†Also, all of her work is made with¬†lead-free, non-toxic materials and are completely food safe. ¬†The best part? ¬†They can go in the oven and microwave!

Now for the goodies:

Fruit Bowl  Serving Bowl  Vase  Magnolia Bowl  Ning's Yarn Bowl

Just look at the “lace” work on the first fruit bowl! ¬†Or the etched painting on the magnolia plate! ¬†And don’t forget the yarn bowl! ¬†Her colours and the shapes of her pieces appeal to me so much and the thought that goes into her work is amazing! ¬†I’m very happy I stumbled upon this store! ¬†What do you think?

– Lindsay