Final Fantasy Crafts

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Let me take a moment to introduce myself! I’m Sherona, better known in the crafting world as blackmageheart. I’m a cross stitcher first and foremost, but I dabble in other arts and crafts occasionally!
Today I’m your guest blogger, and I’d like to share with you all a few of the wonderful and awesome Final Fantasy crafts I’ve seen on my online (and offline!) travels.

For those of you who may not know, Final Fantasy is a long-running video game series, with the eponymous first entry waaaay back in 1987. The series has come a long way since then, but with each new entry and story comes amazing new art and visuals. In-game sprites, Tetsuya Nomura’s character designs and the ethereal art of Yoshitaka Amano are just some of the many elements of Final Fantasy’s style that have inspired legions of artists and crafters to create beautiful homages.
Let’s take a look at some of my favourite FF crafts from around the interwebs!

FFVIII Squall cross stitch by “Anat”

FFVI Alexander perler bead sprite by “artemis251”

FFX Yuna vinyl silhouette by “ForNerdByNerd”

FFIX Vivi perler bead sprite by “ShampooTeacher”

FFVI Ultros amigurumi by “susanhiding”

Final Fantasy cross stitch by “rachael”
This is just a tiny sample of the FF crafts to be found – there are literally thousands of different and wonderful works of art! I do recommend taking some time to look at a few, because you will be amazed at the detail and work that fans put into their crafts. J

Thank you for letting me be your guest poster today, and for this shameless plug I’m about to do!
Check out my cross stitch work at:
and of course, don’t forget to visit the blog and forums at !

Bye for now, Craft Hackers! *blasts off with a Firaga*

More Amazing 3D Fuse Bead Art

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In the past, Nicole brought to you the wonderful world of 3D fuse bead art (click here for full post). In the convention circuit, I’ve run a across quite a few fuse bead artists but not many that deal in 3D creations. I have to say that when I first spied the Pixel Visions booth across the crowded aisles of artists alley, my breath stopped for a moment. Truly, this Metroid was taking fuse beads to the next level:

Whatever you do, don't let it out!

Whatever you do, don’t let it out!

Erin, the artist, has the most wonderful eye for colors, texture, and placement. Her pieces seem to be ready to leap right off of the table, like the Cheep Cheep in her fish bowls.

We're going to need a bigger bowl!

Flying fish, ahoy!

She uses a mixture of Perler and Hama beads to achieve all of the tiny details in her bead sculptures. For instance, I have seen quite a few “fairy in a bottle” crafts but none done with fuse beads until now:

Hey! Look at those itty bitty beads!

Hey! Look at those itty bitty beads!

The level of depth and shading is enhanced by the layers she painstakingly assembles by hand. I have to give her a ton of credit for her ironing skills alone! Even her potted plants are raised to epic levels:

All it's missing is a little floating Kirby.

All it’s missing is a little floating Kirby.

If you would like to view more or purchase some of this wonderful art, Pixel Visions can be found on their website, Facebook, or Patreon.




Meet the Hackers: A Video Game Con and J1-Con

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This weekend Geek Mythology Crafts will be at not just one, but TWO conventions.  Each is a one day conventions.

First up is A Video Game Con in Parsippany, NJ.

They do not have a special layout for the artists and vendors so make sure to look for Geek Mythology Crafts if you attend.

Sunday is J1 con in Philadelphia, Pa.  It is an anime convention that hosts gaming, cosplay, and panels.

They don’t have any maps available so we aren’t sure where Geek Mythology will set up, but look for the amazing sprites!


Meet the Hackers: Fandoms United

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Geek Mythology Crafts has been well known for a few years for their amazing Perler creations and have been found all over the East Coast at conventions.  Recently they have started to create custom pixel work for you.  This weekend they can be found at Fandoms United in Whippany, NJ.


They will have their printer with them creating custom badges and special sprites just for you!


So if you are planning on going to Fandoms United then swing by table 31 and say hi!


Sunday Funday with Laura!

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Hello all and welcome to the very first installment of the Sunday blog with me, Laura! In this first post, a bit about me: I am a very enthusiastic lifelong geek that also has a penchant for creating things. I come from a long line of crafters/makers and was continually surrounded by handmade objects while growing up. Because of this, I have great respect for the time and effort that goes into making items from “scratch”. Like the lovely sloth hat that I very happily purchased from Dani Cat Designs (who was featured yesterday), I enjoy patronizing crafter booths at various conventions and fairs.

Sloth Hat Close-up

It’s very warm, soft, and those hand mitts can double as extra pockets!

My crafting/making experience runs the gamut. I stitch (embroidery/cross stitch), I bead (jewelry and Perlers), I crochet (this is relatively new), I sew, I bake, I paint…the list goes on! Most of my art contains some kind of geeky flair, as you can see.

An entry to a monthly challenge at Sprite Stitch. A tribute to Green Arrow and Hawkeye earrings that were made for a friend. Staypuft cookie

I especially love combining mediums.

Cross stitch and jewelry, who knew?!

Cross stitch and jewelry, who knew?!

This, my entry into the blog-o-sphere, all stems from a wonderful bit of luck and circumstance. A few years ago while working on a design for a Perler bead project, I stumbled across a website called Sprite Stitch and found a whole community of like-minded geek crafters. On that wonderful site, I met Toni the Quilt Wizard and instantaneously fell in love with her designs but more importantly, her business drive. When she founded Craft Hackers, I jumped on the convention bandwagon and volunteered to be a booth assistant. BEST DECISION EVER. Because of the inspiration I find on this site and on the road with the Hackers, my craft scope has widened and deepened. I hope to be able to do the same for others in the future.

See you next Sunday and stay crafty!



3D Perler builds

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If you’ve been around the internet and enjoy video games, you’ve likely heard of perler beads. Heck, even if you were just a kid who went to summer camp you’ve likely even used them before. We’ve shown off the skills that some artists have with their designs but have you ever seen a person translate that 2D design into a 3D sculpture?

Well that’s exactly what Voxel Perlers specializes in. Case in point, their kick ass Metroid Tubes:

Not only do they stack their beads in layers to create their sculptures, they also use various sizes to give the piece even more weight! Their metroid ones obviously caught my eye since they are just so beautiful to look at (I mean, come on, it has a light up base too!!!) but they do make other objects like Zelda chests:

And of course it’s hinged, I love it.


They’ve started building a figurine gallery made with perlers as well that bears as look through…well the whole collection does really, if only to help inspire any other pearler artist out there that they not feel confined by their medium. Push it until it breaks and then think outside the box. 😀


Meet the Hackers: Anime Next

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This weekend is Anime Next and one of our newer members Geek Mythology Crafts is going to be there!  If you have been to any Anime or Video game convention in the Pennsylvania/MD/New York area you may have seen some of their fantastic perler bead creations.


This weekend they will have something very special for you though, the opportunity to commission a specialty sprite just for you!  Would you like your own avatar to be used on line, have a special occasion and want something pixelated, or just want something cool in pixel form they can do it for you.  They can be found at Booth 6.


Want your own pixelated creation but not going to AnimeNext?  They can still make one for you.  You can contact them through their commission order form.  If you are going to AnimeNext, have a great time!


Perler Wall Art

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While I typically see perler beads used for small things like magnets & keychains, occasionally I will find the ones that make massive yard/meter long pieces. While I’ve always assumed these piece aren’t meant to be displayed on the wall, I’ll admit that I’ve never been quite sure what the best way to go about that would be. Thankfully, one artist I’ve come across recently has solved this dilemma with her lovely custom framed pieces that she makes instead.

Jack Skellington Headshot by Amber Lynn

Amber Lynn uses perler, hama and nabbi beads to get the best possible color gradients with her work; something you can easily see with all the grey in the Jack Skellington Piece above. What I love more then that though is her ability to properly frame and display her finished pieces instead of always leaving them as is. Her thought to the background design is just as important as the beads themselves in someways, with my favorite piece being the Metroid one she designed.

I’m not sure if she runs the convention circuit, but if she does I would love to see her work in person one day. Until then the majority of her custom and finished pieces can be found in her deviantart gallery. Definitely worth a look through if you enjoy video game art. 🙂


Alternative Perler Decoration

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After going to cons for so many years, I love to be proven wrong about a medium I may have written off due to over exposure. One such medium for me are perler beads, so I was pleasently surprised when I came across taytaym2‘s work.

Metroid Badge by taytaym2

Metroid Switch Plate

Even though these examples are still pixel based like most perler art, I hadn’t seen anyone use them in such a unique way before. The light switch especially is a great idea for all those geeky parents wanting a special glowing decoration in their child’s room. 😀

While taytaym2 only seems to have a few of these perler creations online, I hope they continue to design more as I would love to see perlers continued to be used as a decorative but also functional medium. 🙂