A Bit of the Bun

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Happy Sunday, all!

I promised bunnies, so it’s time to make good! Since I’ve been trying to expand my sewing experience lately, most of these DIYs are needle and thread type things. The first of which is a super cute set of bunny hot pads from So Sew Easy:

What could they be taking out of the oven? Could it be carrot cake???

We get to play with InsulBrite AND apply some applique techniques? Awesome! We’ve already got the sewing machine out, so how about some super adorbs carrot treat bags for the little bunnies in the family from Make It Love It:

Perfect for jelly beans or my personal favorite, peanut butter/chocolate eggs.

I was always obsessed by small drawstring bags to carry around my “treasures” when I was a kid, so these seem like just the thing. Ok, so how about a little hand sewing? I do, seriously, mean a little – this darling small felted bunny from Lia Griffith made me squee:

With his tiny toe beans and bitty carrot, just too sweet!

That little guy would be so charming topping off a basket or just hanging around a Spring bouquet, wouldn’t he? Still in the mood for cute and small? Great! Because I found this delightful little tutorial on how to make a fluffy little bunny pom pom on the Pom Maker blog:

They’re so fluffy!

I really can’t get over how boop-able those noses are! Ok, ok, back to the list. The last thing today is super easy and doesn’t take any specialty materials to craft so you probably have all the things already to make these origami bunny bookmarks from Red Ted Art:

Great for holding your place when re-reading Peter Cottontail or any other bunny faves!

I’m quite certain the pattern can be adapted to other woodland critters. There you have it – quite a bit of buns to go around! Spring is just around the corner, I can feel it!

Stay crafty!


Origami X-Wing DIY

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Origami is one of those crafts that I am in awe of and like to dabble in ocassionally ever since I was in elementary school. With the Star Wars franchise coming into the forefront thanks to episode VII, there has been all sorts of fun new designs coming out of the woodworks and one such designer has been kind enough to share their instructions!


The video easily walks you through the process very slowly (so have a good 16 mins to spare before attempting) and he rates the difficulty for this awesome X-Wing at about 50%. So maybe not the first one you should try, but certainly worth a shot if you have some experience under your belt. If videos aren’t your thing he’s also made a step by step guide hereΒ on instructable that you can scroll/read thru instead. Make sure to bring bandages if you’re prone to paper cuts though!


Teach Yourself Origami

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The start of the New Year is just days away. Have any resolutions you plan on starting/amending/renewing? If one of them is to learn a new skill, I’m hear to give you a bit of a leg up today. πŸ™‚

While browsing around online during my holiday down time (as you do), I came across this little gem of a website that offers step by step guide videos for making all sorts of origami creations!

I remember making these kinds of boxes in elementary school to hold my snacks in during class. πŸ™‚

Everything is organized by category instead of skill level, but a quick read of the design info will let you know the challenge/skill level recommend to make it. The site is run by a lovely lady called Judith and she updates her site fairly frequently, as well as providing contact info should you have any questions about the designs or maybe a request!