Meet the Hackers: Too Many Games

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Today is the start of Too Many Games in Oaks, Pa.  This will be my third time at Too Many Games and I can’t wait!  Too Many Games isn’t just a video game convention.  It will have tabletop gaming and game music as well.  Craft Hackers will be there with Quiltoni, Craftigurumi, and Geek Mythology Crafts.  You can find us here:


In addition to bringing our Crafty Wares, we will be holding a Crafty Thinking panel.  It will take place Friday at 6pm in panel room 3.  If you are thinking of starting your own business, or own one and want to grow your business, this is the panel for you.  We will also be streaming it live.  If you are not able to attend Too Many Games you can watch it through Hang With.  Subscribe to our channel and you will get a notification when we start streaming.

Speaking of Streaming, we will be streaming all weekend long again!  When we see something we just have to share, we will stream it on Hang With and then after we are finished streaming I will share it on our Craft Hacker Facebook page.  I am sure I will share a lot of awesome things including new interviews!


Craft Hacker Panels

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Nicole helped me out and flipped the video for the panel we had at Awesome Con and it is finally ready to be watched.

The Crafty Thinking Panels are described as: Have questions on starting or growing your own business? Join Craft Hacker members & small business owners for a Q & A session about owning your own business.

I always try to have at least 1-2 non crafty people there that own a small business.  The panel above featured Nicole, myself, Rachel E Kelly from ColorWorld books, and Liz Reed from Cuddles and Rage.  We had a great time and there were some great questions asked and even some new ones.

Speaking of panels, there are a few more Crafty Thinking panels coming up at future conventions.  Too Many Games in Oaks, Pennsylvania is next weekend.  The Crafty Thinking Panel will be Friday night at 6pm in Room 3.  Nicole and I will be there and 1-2 more guests still unconfirmed.

After that the next confirmed panel is GenCon.  GenCon does their panels a little different and you must have a ticket for each one you wish to do.  The panel at GenCon will have Nicole, myself, David Lee Pancake, and a fourth unconfirmed guest on Friday at 2pm.  They put us in a larger room that can hold an audience of 80.  I looked at the system today and there are already 46 tickets gone!  If you are going to Gen Con and want to attend a panel live then head over to the Gen Con events and get your ticket today.  They are free!

If you can’t make it to any of our panels but want to watch them I am now streaming live and later posting them to our You Tube account.  You can watch any of the previous recorded panels on You Tube at our channel here.  Subscribe to the channel to be notified whenever we upload new videos.


Meet the Hackers: Awesome Con

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Today marks the start of AwesomeCon, a three day Pop Culture event in Washington, DC.  I am excited to return to Awesome Con for the third year (this is also the third year it is in existence).  Nicole and I launched Craft Hackers at Awesome Con last year so it holds a huge place in our hearts.  I am very excited to announce the Craft Hacker alley this year.

Awesome Con 2015

The alley will feature some great Craft Hacker members including 3154Kelly, Team Kultzow, White Tree Chainmail, Ami Ami Creations, Quiltoni, Craftigurumi, and our special guest Colorworld Books.  So take a stroll through our alley.  Our members would love to chat with you about their crafts and art.

I am also excited to announce that Craft Hackers is launching a Hang With channel today.  Hang w/ is a site that allows us to stream live content to you.  This content will get cleaned up and posted on You Tube at a later date, but it allows you see what we do at conventions as it happens!  Nicole and I will start streaming today when we see anything interesting at the convention, see old friends, or meet new ones.  We want to get all of the kinks worked out because tomorrow we will be streaming our Crafty Thinking panel live!

For the first time you will be able to watch the Crafty Thinking panel as it happens even if you can’t make it to the convention.  The panel will be taking place on Saturday at 10am in room 145a.  It features Liz Reed from Cuddles and Rage and Rachel E Kelly from Colorworld Books.

Awesome 2015

If you are at the convention, come to the panel with questions ready.  If you can’t attend the convention make sure you sign up and follow us on Hang With.  You will get a notification when we start streaming.  I am not going to take questions through the app this time, but I may be able to for future conventions.

I can’t wait for an Awesome weekend!  See you there!!

Meet the Hackers: Wizard World Philadelphia

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Today is the start of Wizard World Philadelphia.  This is another first time convention for Craft Hackers and we are super excited to be there.  Toni will be the only person there with her quilts and pillows, but you can always swing by and chat about Craft Hackers anytime.

WW Philly


The booth will be located at G45.  That is all the way at the back left corner of the artist alley.  You know what else is back there and who I will have a direct line of sight too?

So look for the David Tennant and Billie Piper signing area and you will find us!  In addition to having a booth there we will also be having a Crafty Thinking panel.


TIME: 2:00 – 2:45PM 

 ROOM: 107

Crafty Thinking: Make money doing what you love
Do you own or want to own a business doing what you love?  Are you a crafter, artist, or entrepreneur and have questions on how to start or grow a business?  Join our panel of small business owners for a Q & A session to answer those questions.
If you are planning on going to Wizard World stop by and say hi and make sure you swing by our panel.

Crafty Thinking Panel

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For those that attended Awesome Con you may have stopped by on Sunday and participated in the Crafty Thinking Panel.  For those that didn’t (or those that did and you didn’t take notes) we video taped it and I have finally uploaded it to You Tube.  The first half we introduced ourselves, our business, and what our biggest hurdle we find is as a small business owner.  I then talked a few minutes about Craft Hackers before we took questions from the audience.  The second half we continued the questions from the audience.

We covered a LOT of topics including pricing, web presence, conventions, getting started, and yes the dreaded copyright issues.  So take a look and if you have any questions at all please feel free to come by the forums and ask away!


Crafty Thinking Panel Part 1

Crafty Thinking Panel Part 2