Mermaid Style Tiaras

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I was a huge little mermaid when I was a child. I still remember pictures I drew around 5-6 years old after seeing the movie, so I have a special fondness for mermaids as a mythological creature. These tiaras though? They go beyond fondness as, mermaid inspired or not, they are absolutely stunning.

A confessed ‘beach bum’, the 27 year old Melbourne based designer, Chelsea Shiels, was also inspired by her love of the Little Mermaid when she started designing her crowns. Each one is handmade and contains real sea shells along with various metals and jewels. I wouldn’t recommend theme for your typical costume party as they’d be a bit overkill, but they’d certainly work great for a cosplay or wedding piece. If you’d like to contact her about having your own made, simply head on over to her etsy store and send her a request. 🙂