Comparing Heights

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I’ve got a cool little reference tool for everyone today! Now I know this won’t be used for every medium out there, but if you draw or write about people with your art then continue on my friends.

This is a nifty little weblet made by Mr Initial Man called Comparing Heights, that lets you quickly get a visual on what the height differences should look like for characters. While you may have an idea for average heights (6′-5′ range) I find this to be incredibly helpful for fantasy art. Got a 60′ giant? Now you know just how large that would look next to you. Want to know if you fairy is too big? They got you covered. 🙂 I could see this being a fun tool for D&D GMs as well. If you are worried about group shots more, you can compared up to 6 people in this one right here instead. It’s really just a great simple (and free!) tool to help get everything into perspective. ;P

Uniquely Cute

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Hello Sunday readers!

Last week we were at MAGfest and you know what that means! New vendors that we’ve fallen in love with gushy posts are imminent! This first one has so much to offer, I almost don’t know where to start. ALMOST. In our wanderings through the crafty rows, the lifemate and I stumbled across a booth that had chubby little ornaments hanging from a dowel and I HAD to pop in for a better look. They were animal ornaments! Hooray! To my very great pleasure, upon closer perusal, I found that there were some very odd animals on display:

WailesTapir WailesPangolin WailesCoelacanth

Do not adjust your screens, folks, those are indeed a baby tapir, a pangolin, and a COELACANTH. A COELACANTH, PEOPLE!!!!! Ok, I know I’ve obsessed over cute animals before but I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that my actual degree is in Geological Sciences so this sort of thing just runs right up my alley, squeezes my tush, and tugs my heart strings before dashing off again. Much to my dismay, we had such a busy time that I did not have a chance to go back to purchase some amazing creations from artist Kelsey Wailes, also known as eattoast. I assure you that this shall be remedied in short order. I was so distracted by the “cnute aminals” that it took husband directing my attention to her other wares for me to find her re-purposed ponies. I’ve seen other versions of ponies over the years but not always with the same level of detail:

I mean, just look a My Little Immortan Joe! With his wittle face mask and wittle killer eyes!

I mean, just look a My Little Immortan Joe, with his wittle face mask and wittle killer eyes!

Once I tore myself away from the cutie cute animals and the ponies, I noticed the things I truly regret not purchasing as gifts for certain Trek fans in my life:

Redshirt Deadshirts. Yes, a little pile of very unfortunate redshirts that still makes me giggle uncontrollably.

Redshirt Deadshirts. Yes, a little pile of very unfortunate redshirts that still makes me giggle uncontrollably.

Besides her very obvious talent with clay, Kelsey is a very gifted pen and paper artist as well. If you, too, would like to own some of her creations or just squee over her works (like I just did for the last hour), she can be found on DeviantArt, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and most importantly, Etsy. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go put in an order for a Peacock Spider ornament that will really tie my room together.

Stay crafty!




Smooth On Seminars

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to make molds and castings?  Do you already make molds and castings and want to improve?  I just learned that Smooth On has intensive two day seminars to learn the techniques and get hands on, direct teaching.

As a crafter that has thought of mold making this was really exciting news to me.  I have always thought about candle and soap making but have been scared to try to do it on my own.  If I can find time to fit this into my schedule, it is something I am seriously considering.

There is a downside though.  Smooth On launched these classes at the beginning of the year so they are filling up fast.  There are only two sets of dates still available, 10/30 & 11/01 and 11/11 & 11/12.  All of the classes are at their Pennsylvania facility.  So if you are interested, check out the information on their website.

Do you make molds and castings already?  I would love to see your work and get inspiration!  Head over to the forums and show me what you can do.


International Tabletop Day

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Tomorrow is International Tabletop Day.  What does that mean?  It means people all across the world will be tabletop gaming as well as attending events that celebrate tabletop gaming.  Here in London (Ontario) there is a fantastic event that will be taking place, the London Game Crawl.  I will definitely take part in it and can’t wait.

But what does Tabletop gaming have to do with crafting?  Tons!!  There are so many wonderful crafters that create works of art with their hands just for tabletop gaming (we have even featured a few of them) like Wyrmwood Gaming, Artisan Dice, and Geek Chic.  Wyrmwood Gaming is even giving away a gaming package including a dice vault, personal dice tray, and dice tower on their Facebook page!

But it doesn’t stop there.  You can make your own board games and tabletop games.  Artists Helping children gives us tutorials on how to create your own games for kids including this Magnetic Board game travel set.


Or how about all of the hours tabletop gamers put into their figurines?  You can make your own figurines instead of buying them.  Smooth-On has some great products you can use including Oomoo silicone rubber you can use for your pewter figurines.


Or look at some of their other model making silicone rubbers and liquid plastics to create your own figures.

However you celebrate International Tabletop day, make it a crafty day!




Modeling Models

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*Throws Confetti* Wee! It’s my birthday! 😀 To celebrate this non milestone event, I’ve decided to showcase an artist from my ancestor’s country. Italy! 😀

Yup. It’s the big boot.

All silliness aside, Diazzina came to my attention recently with her gorgeous Vivi (from FF9) statue.

Such pretty detail…..*hugs screen* I loves it.

When I went to check out her gallery to see what other lovely sculptures she may have done however, I discovered that she wasn’t a sculptor so much as she was a model maker. Spoilers. They’re just as beautiful.

This is one of the most recent images of a Farm model that she’s working on and….man it’s pretty. I love her attention to detail with the little bits of messy cement on the bricks almost as much as learning that she uses some sort of cardboard box there to help support her models. Now sadly, she doesn’t seem to put up detailed descriptions on how she’s making these beautiful designs, but the images really speak for themselves anyway so I can’t say that I mind. 🙂 Her gallery is full of work like this and I highly recommend checking it out.


Not Your Typical Dollhouse

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Some of you may have already seen this but it just came across my dash this week and……wow.

Bag End Recreation by Madshobbithole

This is a crazy accurately detailed model house of Bag End, the home of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins from the famous Lord of the Rings movie series. The majority of this model is all hand made recreation with custom pieces being made for the flowers and even some of the knickknacks inside.

I won’t go into all the little details that went into this build of fandom love (see her blog post about it here), but I’m amazed that even with a full family schedule (kids, dogs, meals, work) she still managed to make this masterpiece in ONLY 2-3 months. Simply, amazing. If you’d like to see more pictures (including detailed interior shots) be sure to check out her detailed post on how she created this work of art. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂