Blinded by the Light!

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Hey Hackers!

It’s me, Scribe Sarah, filling in again on our fantabulous blog. Today, I wanted to enlighten you regarding some truly inspiring work from a company out of Seoul, South Korea; WyseFactory!

First, let me tell you a little about this company. They are a distribution brand of Wyse & Control Corp, which has been in business since 2008. WyseFactory joined the Etsy-sphere in 2016 and offers a plethora of items from handbags to mugs to light fixtures. All items are handmade with an incomparable skill and passion. Honestly, you can tell from the products that they are lovingly crafted.

While there are a myriad of pieces on their Etsy shop (link provided at the end of the article), the ones I really wanted to bring to your attention are the metal craft table lamps. There are not many of them, however, they are true works of indelible art.

These lamps are crafted from a variety of metals including copper, iron, and aluminum. They also utilize metal items such as nuts, bolts, and screws in the design. Not only is this a unique way to repurpose old metal objects, it also provides a space with an inimitable piece of handmade art. These lamps help lend a kind of “Wall-E” feel to your office or living space. There is the ETY Muscle Man, the ETY Explorer, and the ETY no. 1 (my personal favorite). Each of these lamps features movable, poseable joints that can be tightened to maintain a specific posture. They can be powered by 12V power adapter down to a USB adapter. None of these lamps is too large and they are adaptable to really any small space.

Metal Craft LED Table Lamp - ETY Muscle Man / Free Shipping

In addition to providing much needed light to an area, these adorable little metal men give the sense of having your very own robot friend or assistant. They watch over your work, whether that be cross-stitching or writing, offering a silent sort of support in all your endeavors.

If you love unique crafts, please check out WyseFactory’s Etsy shop.
And special thanks to Nicole for pointing me in the direction of this charming shop and its fare!

Scribe Sarah


Woodentek’s Woodworking

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While standard analog clocks seem to be slowly disappearing in favor of their digital counterparts, I for one still love having analog clocks in my house. There’s just a visual appeal to them that digital designs don’t do for it yet, and Woodentek has certainly got their visual appeal down.

Made from expertly cut and design wooden layers, Woodentek has some of the most beautiful wooden clock designs I’ve ever seen. Located in Spain, this company has a commitment to designing not just fandom clocks for the easy money, but a wide range of designs spanning historic recreations to astronomy signs. Their wood is from well managed forests, meaning they don’t just buy cheap lumber to make a buck. Their wood comes from land that grows and replants trees to crate a sustainable resource and is certified by the FSC and PEFC.

If you’re in the market for a reasonably priced change in your decor, or just want an art piece that can also tell the time, you should definitely give Woodentek your consideration.

Naturally Found

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Found art has always been an intriguing medium to me. The ability to take normal or broken everyday things and turn them into something else entirely definitely requires an eye that I do not have. British artist Dean Patman, however, obviously has it in spades.

Living in Bristol, he maintains a small studio space in his garden (aka backyard for us Americans) where he stores his found objects and does all his sculpture work. His passion began with his fascination of the natural world as a child, but didn’t start until much later in his life.

My passion for the natural world was equaled by my love of art.  It was a natural progression for me to study scientific illustration however feeling the need for a more creatively challenging course, I moved to Central St Martin’s. It was during my time there that I started working with found materials forming the sculptural method that characterizes my work today.  In found items I see the forms of the natural world; silverware, shoe-trees and teapots are married together to describe an animal’s appearance and character, making creatures both life-like and humorous .

His sculptures are decently sized as well, most of them starting right around 1-2′ in height or length. If you are fascinated by this medium as well I highly recommend giving his gallery a look through. Perhaps it could even inspire you. 🙂

Stained Glass Planters

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While not a huge fan of taking care of plants indoors (I tend to forget about them and kill them, my bad) I do love the sight of having them around. Even better is when it’s done in a beautiful or creative way. Such as with the lovely glass planters made by SNLCreations.

Based in Minto, Canada, artisan Susan Napper-LeDuc creats these beautiful planters out of stained glass and soldered metal. They come in quite the range of sizes, but most tend to stay under 6″ meaning they can be placed in almost any home. If plants aren’t your thing, she also has a lovely collection of stained glass decor pieces and really her whole store is worth a look through as it’s just lovely.

Scrap Metal Sculpture

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Artist JK Brown is more proof that you don’t need fancy base materials to make something beautiful as he work only with, you guessed it, scrap metal.

With a love of nature to fuel him, John enjoys the calming peace that taking random scraps and making them lay neatly to form new shapes can provide. His work if just beautiful and even if you don’t have the money to purchase one, his store is definitely worth a look thru just to marvel at his creativity.

A modern upgrade for your old school keyboard

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While not the most practical thing to type on any more, classic typewriter definitly had a certain style and visual appeal that you just don’t get with today’s slimmer and minimalistic design. Don’t let that beauty rot though, cause Jack Zylkin of usbtyperwriter has got you covered.


As this awesome picture shows, for only $99, they will send you a DIY kit for you to turn that dusty old attic typewritter into a beautiful usb port accessory! For your own personal use, or maybe as a gift for that hipster friend of yours. An awesome DIY and talking piece reguardless. ^_^


A Crowning Achievement

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We’re at Wizard World St. Louis this weekend and there are some very lovely wares surrounding us in Artist’s Alley. One that caught my eye was a very shiny display that truly stood out from the crowd thanks to a very enthusiastic occupant. Roger Zimpel of Moria Silver comes from a long line of jewelry makers and while you would be hard pressed to miss his fantastic attitude, it’s also hard to miss the time and effort that goes into his work.

His lovely partner/webmistress, Judy, just cannot contain her enthusiasm either.

His lovely partner/webmistress, Judy, just cannot contain her enthusiasm either.

He uses the lost wax method to create wondrous crowns, rings, pendants, and a number of other beautiful wearables. The highlights at this convention, however, were definitely the crowns.

Feel like showing off your inner moon maiden?

Feel like showing off your inner moon maiden?

These unique creations come in an array of styles and colors with the possibility of adding a gemstone for a pop of color or certain mystical attributes.

For the discerning elf king or queen.

For the discerning elf king or queen.

If you would like to complete your woodland cosplay or just partake in a bit of gorgeous metalwork, Moria Silver can be found on their website and Facebook.

Stay crafty!


River Powered Cooking

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We’ve been using mills for centuries as a species to do hard work for us. Well this one person decided to turn a simple water wheel into a camping rotisserie. 😀

While the creator doesn’t go into what all the materials used to make it were (besides metal and wood), a clear knowledge of welding would be required to make this beast. Sadly the video shoing off this loevly creation is down, but you can still read about it here over on reddit. Definitely a must have device for those BBQ fanatics that just can’t leave home without their own rotisserie. 😉



A Little Piece of Your Heart

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From our crafty hearts to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Looking for love in all the right places?

Looking for love in all the right places? Have you checked Etsy?

In your search for that perfect representation of your love for that special someone, did you have difficulty finding just the right thing? Or were there so many options that you couldn’t decide? Well just in case it is the former, allow me to make a few suggestions. If you want to show Mr/Ms Right how much they set your heart to galloping, how about a heart shaped horseshoe?

It's a hunk of burning iron, aflame with passion!

It’s a hunk of burning iron, aflame with passion!

Or perhaps you are currently in a long distance relationship and want to remind them how special they are? Or better yet, make a not so subtle suggestion:

A carefully placed magnet could ensure it is always pointing toward you....

A carefully placed magnet could ensure it is always pointing toward you….

Or maybe you just want to remind them that they are in your heart all of the time?

Keeping all of those happy times in your heart...

Keeping all of those happy times in your heart has never been easier.

Or if you, like me, just don’t get all that mushy over the usual cartoony hearts and roses you can take things a bit more literally:

Ripped right out of my chest, just for you!

Ripped right out of my chest, just for you!

Even if you are currently in between relationships or happily single, do something nice for yourself today. Perhaps some online shopping?

A lovely, heartfelt crafty hug to you all!